Texarkana, Texas – Get to Know Your Candidates for This November’s Mayoral Election

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The competition for the seats of Mayor Texarkana is ongoing with two key candidates, including former city council member Brian Matthews and current mayor Bob Bruchmann. The campaign event has already begun, and signs are posted throughout Texarkana as the mayor’s competition continues.

This year’s election is scheduled for November 2, 2021, and anyone wishing to vote this year must register to vote for the next election by October 4. Take a closer look at the mayoral candidates for Mayor of Texarkana, Texas.

Former city council member and A & M professor Brian Matthews announced the mayor’s candidacy race in July. Since then, he has held town hall meetings, inviting guests from the community to ask questions. “This campaign is about people, goals and progress. When citizens are encouraged and given the opportunity to share their ideas and perspectives, it guides our city on the path to a brighter future.” Said Matthews.

Matthews’ race over the mayor’s seat was not surprising to many. He is a community representative voice activist at city council meetings and is fulfilling his promise to equally represent the voice of the Texas Texakana community throughout the city council. “I believe it is my duty to be a responsible and ambitious leader in promoting stewardship and promoting collaborative government that welcomes citizens’ ingenuity,” Brian said in a campaign. rice field.

Brian held a town hall meeting in August and, if elected mayor, was able to meet with community members, answer questions and discuss future plans for Texarkana. He was also recently discovered downtown, which supports our local business and is the most representative of his campaign.For more information on candidate Brian Matthews, his visit Campaign site, And follow the weeks leading up to the election.

Image from Texarkana, Texas City Council website

Bob Bruchmann announced a mayoral re-election campaign in July, asking voters to re-election him for the fifth straight term. Bruggeman is a longtime resident of the Texarkana region and graduated from Texas High School in 1980. Prior to running for mayor and winning in 2012, he was the long-term representative of the 4th district of the city council from 2005 to 2012.

Bruggeman replied with “experience and leadership” when asked by other candidates how they stand out. I have a great deal of knowledge about our city and I know very well what is happening. In addition, I’ve survived global pandemics, cyberattacks, and historic winter storms all within 12 months, “says Bruggeman.

His passion for the Texarkana region remains with Brugesmann, after having held several positions in the city for the past 16 years. “I want citizens to know that I value their ideas and suggestions when tackling urban issues. My goal is to have a project in progress or an upcoming project. Complete in a timely and satisfying way. Projects such as new airport terminals, water treatment plants, downtown area hotel Grimm, road projects, new Wadley Regional Medical Center. Also, in collaboration with REDI, here It can also bring in new industries and high-paying jobs, “says Bruggeman.

The race seems to be getting hotter and TXK Today is dedicated to communicating new information about the election to the citizens of Texarkana. Follow TXK Today in the coming weeks. We will continue to follow the news of the race to the mayor. Good luck to both candidates.


Get to Know Your Candidates for This November’s Mayoral Election Source link Get to Know Your Candidates for This November’s Mayoral Election

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