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Venture Watson is no stranger to the texer kana community. She has worked with girls of all ages through coaching and mentoring and has used her ability to connect with students as a way to help them understand the greatness and potential that exists within them. “I’ve been coaching for 18 years, but just because I was on the state pageant a few years ago and dressed sporty doesn’t mean I still can’t dress up and feel great. I wanted to show athletes that there wasn’t. About yourself. I try to teach my girl that I have to dress for the job you want. VW Youth Empowerment to give back to the community I had this great opportunity to get started. I can empower our youth through coaching and mentoring programs. Also, in honor of my grandmother, create scholarship opportunities for girls and be unique Launched a scholarship contest system. I am a counselor for women in our area and they need someone they can relate to and connect with. I can do all this Blessed with what I can do, I decided to design Girl Empowerment Day within my reach to help reach more girls in our area who need that push and encouragement. “Watson said.

Girl Empowerment Day, held at Arkansas Middle School from 8:30 to 12:30 on October 2, is open to all AMS girls in grades 6-8. While AMS students welcome registration, Venture offers spots for 6th to 8th grade girls in the local Texarkana region. “With the help of recommendations from other community members, I was able to open some places for other girls in the community to join us,” Watson said.

“Girl Empowerment Day aims to help girls reach their full potential. Many of our girls have the power they have and the potential to be buried within them. I don’t know the sex. Many girls in our area can really benefit from just having a strong woman donate their time, knowledge and experience. Many of the presenters of Girl Empowerment Day “Women and young adults who are working hard to succeed in life and continue to pave the way for other girls and women,” says Watson.

“Raising my family wasn’t financially rich, but we never accepted the obvious,” Watson said. “But my parents taught me so many different life skills and how important it is for me to always work for what I want. What in the future? I knew I could be positive, so I worked hard. I came up with the idea for Girls Empowerment Day a few years ago. There was a great event before the COVID hit. My plan was It was to continue that next year, but at COVID I had to find a time that would work for everyone. Since the pandemic began, depression, social media dramas, and negative self-image. The number of girls suffering from problems is increasing. I knew that this was the best time ever to put this together again, “Watson said.

“We need to keep raising girls and show them that they are worth fighting. Girl Empowerment Day is more than just an event that encourages our youth. It gives us hope for girls. , A way that can give encouragement to their continued success, “Watson said. The Girl Empowerment Day event is more than just a speaker for girls to hear. “DJ Hollygrove comes in to create a fun area where girls can dance and have fun. We have sponsors from all over the world and offer girls food and door prizes. With my immediate family. The Pageant family donated items such as AirPods, Apple Watches, gift cards, and limousine rides, “said Watson. “The PRIDE Academy will donate items and send some of the female officers to spend the day supporting the event. We would like to thank Shauna and the police station in particular,” Watson said.

Watson also sees this event as an opportunity to create a list of girls who may benefit from support that lasts much longer than a day. “I use the names of the girls I attend to call and check in all year round. We want the girls to know that we care about them. On the day of the event Not only throughout the year. I can call and talk to them and offer gift cards to keep them successful. I’m really excited about this opportunity Because the more girls we can connect to on this day, the more we can continue to encourage them to succeed in school socially and academically, “says Watson.

Girls coming to Girl Empowerment Day can expect to find music, dance, support, prizes, and a lot of fun. Each girl departs with a motivational T-shirt designed by Watson. Students talk from local entrepreneurs like Keys Willingham and her daughter Kesia, to Queen Brebrock, who returned from Liberty Eilau, who is working hard on herself and her future success. You will hear. AMS counselors Mrs. Rhone and Mrs. Smith help girls create a vision board for the future that they can take home. Curry and Curly create a yoga space for girls to relax and unwind. Girls can also tour the AMS campus with a limousine offered by Montbolden and have the chance to win a free 1-hour limousine ride for themselves and a group of friends. Girls can also be heard from a panel of women who are in business or who have pursued their dreams in their careers.

The event also has a panel of young entrepreneurs around the age of the students who started their business. Shantikwa Smith provides fitness and business knowledge. Girls learn how to set specific goals and learn tips and tricks to achieve them. Ashley Beard, the newly crowned Mrs. Texas, travels from Waco, Texas to become one of the motivational speakers. Sharmonique Manning does fitness and talks about how she started her business and Eden’s Professional Cleaning Company. A young woman from the Texas A & M “Crown” group becomes a chaperone. Chaperones include Watson’s daughter Shiira and some of her ex-athletes. We want them to feel empowered. We want them to go home, knowing that they have the opportunity and opportunity to be what they want to be. They just have to work hard and incorporate what they have learned from all these successful women to help them realize their dreams, “Watson said.

“Thanks to the sponsors of local churches such as Tower of Power, 11th Avenue, Radiant, Heritage and Avandant Life. Gold sponsored Miracle Creation Foundation Brandon Charmers. Sarah Landford for all girls Donated hair care products. I can’t list all of my family and friends who helped make this event special. I couldn’t do it without you. Hosting the event I thank the principal, Teresa Cowling, for letting me, and thank Mrs. Johnson, Mrs. Weathers, Mrs. Nurskolet, and Mrs. Torrance for their help, “said Watson.

If you would like to sponsor a Girl Empowerment Event, please contact Venture Watson. Venture.watson @tasd7.net Or via Facebook venture Watson. Venture Watson is a local coach and author of the motivational book “They Can’t Control Me.” Get some copies she has at hand.


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