Texarkana, Texas – Grandparents Day and Week Here in Texarkana

Texarkana, Texas 2021-09-13 10:48:34 –

Grandparents Week installation at Tries Elementary School.Image provided from the Facebook page of Tryce Elementary School


Sunday, September 12th is Grandparents’Day in the United States, and local elementary schools celebrate Grandparents’ Day this week.

The local Trise Elementary School has placed grandparents’signboards on their property and photographed them to grandparents and their students before or next to the signboards before and after school (7:45 AM) and after school (2:45 PM). Have our local grandparents take a picture and in a healthy way!

As COVID-19 continues to approach the Texarkana region, many schools hosting annual events such as grandparents’breakfast and lunch must put it on hold this year to maintain the safety protocol for students and grandparents. It didn’t become. This happens after a decision has been made in favor of Maskman Date at Arkansas School. Instead of a postponed event for COVID, be sure to celebrate your grandparents this week!

TXKToday will post more information about this week’s grandparents event in the local Texarkana region.


Grandparents Day and Week Here in Texarkana Source link Grandparents Day and Week Here in Texarkana

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