Texarkana, Texas – Jury selected for brothers accused of rape

Texarkana, Texas 2021-07-27 08:46:15 –


A jury was elected in Miller County on Monday to determine the case of two brothers accused of sexually assaulting a young male relative.

Joseph Baker, 23, and Joshua Baker, 22, were charged with two rapes each in 2019. According to the probable cause affidavit, male relatives were about 16 to 19 for Joseph Baker and about 15 to 18 for Joshua Baker, according to the probable cause affidavit.

The brothers reportedly forced their relatives to engage in sexual activity and submit.

Brothers face 10 to 40 years or life imprisonment for each number of rapes.

Testimony at the trial will begin on Tuesday before Circuit Court Judge Carlton Jones. Supreme Prosecutor Connie Mitchell represents the state. The brothers are represented by Texarkana’s lawyer Jacob Potter.


Jury selected for brothers accused of rape Source link Jury selected for brothers accused of rape

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