Texarkana, Texas – Jury sentences man to 50 years for attempted murder of a police officer

Texarkana, Texas 2021-09-20 08:40:55 –


A man who livestreamed on social media as he drove around Texarkana in search of a police officer to kill last April was sentenced to 50 years in prison on Friday by a Bowie County jury.

Aaron Swenson, 38, was involved in the Boogaloo movement, a rebel group, armed with three firearms and a sword on the night of April 11, 2020. Swenson wore a Hawaiian shirt and tactics that symbolized the Boogaloo Group. Best. He carried 156 ammunition.

Swenson aired on Facebook Live while traveling the I-30 looking only for police officers. Swenson talked about “finding prey” and “finding a tyrant and a red coat.”

The call to 911 warned the law enforcement agency on duty for the live feed. Officers were able to identify the type of truck Swenson was driving and find his location, even though Swenson kept the camera down most of the time. Swenson led a cop chasing Bowie County at high speed and eventually stopped on Highway 82 after the cop was able to deflate one of the tires with a spike strip.

He stayed on the track playing heavy metal music for about 25 minutes before surrendering.

On Friday morning, a jury sentenced Swenson to 50 years for attempted murder of a police officer, 20 years for threatening terrorism, and 10 years for avoiding arrest in a vehicle. The jury was also found guilty of Swenson’s violation of Texas hate crime law. All statements are executed at the same time.

Kelly Crisp, the first district attorney, and Katie Carter, the deputy district attorney, claimed Swenson’s considerable sentence, citing the threat he poses to those who serve the community at law enforcement agencies. Swenson posted a number of threats and law enforcement statements on his Facebook page, which operates under Alias.

The day before the live stream video, Swenson posted a photo of a police officer in uniform with a flag-covered casket with the caption “This is how police officers put out trash.”

Swenson has been detained since his arrest on April 11, 2020. The trial was presided over by Jeff Addison, Judge of District 102. Swenson was represented by the Bowie County Civil Service Office.


Jury sentences man to 50 years for attempted murder of a police officer Source link Jury sentences man to 50 years for attempted murder of a police officer

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