Texarkana, Texas – Knocked-out Burglar Busted in His Boxer Shorts by TTPD

Texarkana, Texas 2021-10-15 02:28:16 –

Another fool of the Texas Texarkana police on a recent burglary in which a homeowner caught a thief at home, unknowingly beat the suspect, and regained the stolen property. It happened to be the clothes the scammers wore.

My dad will tell us, it’s better to hear people say he’ll go there when you run away than he’s lying unconsciously. It wasn’t the result of Tyler Mansfield, 30, when he ended up lying there with just a boxer and socks.

Media Release:

On Sunday afternoon, a man W. I found a stranger sleeping on the floor of my house on 20th Street and went home. He grabbed him, led him from the front door, and told him to leave. At this point he noticed that the man was wearing his clothes. When he demanded that they return, the man was in a fighting position and swung him with his fist. It turned out not to be a good idea at all … without thinking, the homeowner defended himself. He hit the man once, then picked him up and slammed him on the ground, knocking him out completely. When Officer Brent Rowing arrived there a few minutes later, he found 30-year-old Tyler Mansfield in the front yard, wearing only boxers and socks. Yeah … the victim had already regained his property from Mansfield.

Mansfield was transferred to Wadley Hospital to make sure he was not injured. After the doctor cleared him medically, he was arrested and put in a bistate prison for burglary. His deposit is set at $ 25,000.

Tylermansfield, 30

Knocked-out Burglar Busted in His Boxer Shorts by TTPD Source link Knocked-out Burglar Busted in His Boxer Shorts by TTPD

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