Texarkana, Texas – Local Homicide Sends P.G. Middle School into Lockdown

Texarkana, Texas 2021-10-25 15:57:02 –

Today, a shooting incident occurred near the intersection of Moores Lane and Sydney Street, blocking Pleasant Grove Middle School. The shooting suspect was arrested and the blockage was lifted.

Texas Texarkana Police reported …

We are at the scene of the murder on Sydney Drive, just north of Moore’s Lane. The investigation is very early, but the suspected gunner has been detained. The victim died on the scene. We believe this was a carry-over from the battle that took place at Texas High School today. Whenever possible, we will provide you with more information about this developing situation.

Witnesses said a large number of people were fighting when a man built a pistol and fired it multiple times. Texarkana FYI has no further information at this time.

PGISD has issued this statement …

At 2:00 pm today, the Pleasant Grove Middle School campus was closed as a precautionary measure due to a shooting in the neighborhood near the campus. Police in Texarkana, Texas, have informed the suspect that he has been detained and that there is no additional threat to the area. Pleasant Grove Middle School is no longer closed. We would like to thank local law enforcement officials and parents for their support throughout this event.

Local Homicide Sends P.G. Middle School into Lockdown Source link Local Homicide Sends P.G. Middle School into Lockdown

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