Texarkana, Texas – Man accused of stalking woman facing fraud charge involving same woman

Texarkana, Texas 2021-07-20 09:46:53 –

A man accused of stalking a woman in Bowie County has returned to prison for stealing money from the same woman’s bank account.

Gregory Clifford Clark, 57, was arrested on stalking charges in March, according to a probable cause affidavit. Clark allegedly sent threatening text messages and emails and repeatedly drove women’s property.

Clark was arrested on new charges involving the same woman in the stalking case. Clark allegedly used the woman’s personal information to transfer funds from a woman’s checking account in Bowie County to a woman’s checking account in Orange County. According to an affidavit of possible causes, detective Johnny Weaver of the Bowie County Sheriff’s Office contacted a woman in Orange County about the transfer. She has known Clark since high school and reportedly asked him to borrow some money from her.

Clark is said to have received money from a Bowie County woman’s account to repay some of the money she borrowed from a Woman in Orange County. Clark has been charged with misuse / possession of identification information.

Before being arrested for stalking in March, Clark allegedly contacted a woman’s office pretending to be someone else and an office trying to obtain banking information about a woman’s mortgage. I am.

Clark allegedly placed a truck on the property of a woman in Bowie County, who was reportedly stolen by a woman in another state. According to the affidavit, women from several states contacted law enforcement agencies about Clark.

A woman’s house in Bowie County, Fuchs, Texas, was destroyed in a fire on the morning of November 6. On the eve of the flame, the woman allegedly received an email from Clark saying “Game Over”.

State fire investigators could not determine the cause of the fire, but determined that it had occurred in the woman’s bedroom. According to the affidavit, the woman was working at the time and was informed of the fire through a phone call from her neighbor.

“The report stated that the investigators called the fire undecided, but could not rule out the criminal activity of arson,” the affidavit said.

Clark allegedly issued a statement to a local liquor store employee at 9:15 am on November 6 about a house fire, but received a call to authorities reporting a building fire until 9:52 am. I couldn’t.

If convicted of stalking, Clark faces two to ten years in prison. If convicted of misuse / possession of personal information, he will be sentenced to six months to two years in a state prison.

Clark is currently in prison in Bowie County.

Man accused of stalking woman facing fraud charge involving same woman Source link Man accused of stalking woman facing fraud charge involving same woman

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