Texarkana, Texas – Man pleads not guilty to choking 10-year-old boy

Texarkana, Texas 2021-09-14 08:34:45 –


A man accused of unconsciously choking a 10-year-old boy in June pleaded not guilty to the dangers of his child in the Bowie District Court on Monday.

Anthony Hill, 36, said he was upset on June 19 when his 10-year-old mother woke him up and tried to move him from the sofa in the living room to the bed in his apartment at 4600 blocks on Elizabeth Street. It has been. In the documentation of possible causes.

The woman reported to police that Hill “may have come down from high methamphetamine levels.” The woman reported that Hill tried to grab her, but she was able to push him away and retreat to the bedroom with the children.

Hill was allegedly trying to get the woman out of the bedroom, but the 10-year-old woman stood beside her and refused to move.

Hill is said to have grabbed the boy’s throat and back of his neck and lifted it into the air while choking. After Hill dropped the boy and fled the apartment, the boy’s mother called 911.

When the first responders arrived, the boy had a pulse but did not respond. At the hospital, the boy allegedly told police officers in Texarkana, Texas that Hill had choked him and had a sore throat.

Hill allegedly claimed that the boy’s mother had beaten him and she could have fallen to a child.

Hill has been charged with a felony to his child. He entered his acquittal at a hearing before District 202 Judge John Tidwell on Monday.

Hill has been detained in a Bowie County prison with a deposit of $ 100,000.


Man pleads not guilty to choking 10-year-old boy Source link Man pleads not guilty to choking 10-year-old boy

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