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Next Tuesday is a big election day for Texas residents. Citizens have the opportunity to vote for the mayor. One of the candidates is the incumbent Mayor of Bob Bruchmann. Bruggeman is a lifetime resident of Texarkana, Texas, and has been mayor since 2012. Prior to becoming mayor, he was a councilor for seven years. TXKToday was able to talk with Mayor Brugesman about his future plans for Texarkana, Texas, and his desire to continue working on many ongoing projects that continue to improve our region.

“It’s exciting on the campaign trail. I’ve had the opportunity to visit with our great citizens over the past few months, and thank them for their continued support when I seek another term as mayor.” Said Bruggeman. In addition to being the mayor, Bob is a husband, father, grandfather, active in his church, and serves on six boards within the city government. He is a member of the local Kiwanis club and has been a high school baseball umpire for 42 years. “Texarkana is my home and I hope our community will continue to grow and prosper,” says Bruggeman.

Mayor Bruggeman has been working hard in the city government for the past 16 years. Many positive changes are taking place, including new businesses, the development of a new campus at Texas A & M University-Texarkana, new frontage roads along Interstate 30, and downtown revitalization. Much more. “It’s very exciting. In my role as mayor, service and leadership are two important areas. Sometimes there are challenges, but I want to focus on the positive things that happened. Walking trails and parks. We have been working on quality of life projects such as. Along with community colleges, two university systems are locally represented. This is unique in a city of our size, “says Bruggeman.

If he is reelected as Mayor of Texarkana, Texas, Mayor Brugesman has a lot to share when asked what he wants to continue. “One of the important things is to continue to serve the community. Over the next 40 to 50 years, some large projects that will shape our city are underway or soon.” Said Bruggeman.

The project is:
1. Hotel Grimm Project in downtown Texarkana. “This project will serve as an anchor for future downtown development,” said Bruggeman.
2. New airport terminal. “The first impression when someone first travels here and lands at our airport is important. The new terminal will give a positive first impression and help economic development,” said Bruggeman.
3. Construction of a new Wadley Community Medical Center Hospital. “This is a $ 227 million hospital project and the largest commercial project in the city’s history,” said Bruggeman.
4. Expansion of Interstate 30. “Traffic is increasing on interstate highways. Two lanes have been added to provide more efficient flow and ensure safety,” said Bruggeman.
5. New water treatment plant. “The processing plant on New Boston Road. It has been in use since the 1950s. We need a new plant to serve our citizens for years to come. The new plant will be located in the footprint of the TexAmericas Center,” said Bruggeman. I am.

There are many current projects that affect our local city, but Bruggeman hasn’t forgotten what it means to be the mayor. “First, I’m from Texarkana. I love my community and my city. Having this position is a way I can give back to the community. I help others and everything I grew up in an environment that encouraged me to serve others in my position. I was very interested in local governments from an early age. I watched a city council meeting on TV and what was happening in the area. I was going to keep up, and I’ve worked hard to influence our city, “Brugemann said.

“I was able to accomplish a lot as Mayor of Texarkana, one of which is a collaborative and collaborative relationship with neighbors such as Texarkana, Miller County and Bowie County, Arkansas. The relationship allowed us to accomplish a lot to improve not only our side of the city, but others as well, “Bruggeman said. Mayor Brugesman certainly thinks a lot, but continuing to serve Texarkana, Texas is one of his greatest hopes.

Early voting has already begun in the Texarkana region. The election day is Tuesday, November 2nd.

Meet Your Mayoral Candidate: Current Mayor Bob Bruggeman Source link Meet Your Mayoral Candidate: Current Mayor Bob Bruggeman

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