Texarkana, Texas – NWS Reports Texarkana Received 20 Plus Inches of Winter Precipitation [PHOTOS]

Texarkana, Texas 2021-02-22 12:21:12 –

When two winter storms struck the area, the US National Weather Service in Shreveport, Louisiana, reported that there was up to 24 inches of winter precipitation in some areas. There are photos and videos that you can share.

At Texarkana, the Liberty Eylau measurements totaled 20 inches.

We spoke to Shreveport meteorologists and were told that in some areas it was officially raining two feet of snow, sleet, and glaze.

Ask a professional driver to guide you around the area Video tour What we shared. We went through the local park, downtown, to Lake Lightpatman. Check out the video..

With heavy snowfall and prolonged sub-zero temperatures, grocery stores and gas stations quickly run out of supplies, and roads are so terrible that delivery trucks can’t reach their destinations. was.

The road crew tried to stay ahead of the hounds 24 hours a day, but it was a daunting task due to the heavy rainfall in winter and the temperatures below freezing. Local road workers, linemen, water crew, everyone who did their best at such a historic event.

During this crisis, Texarkana really came out to help each other.

Delivery trucks were able to run again as temperatures began to rise above freezing, but the rupture of pipes became a new emergency and both Loews and Home Depot were cleanly selected for plumbing supplies. .. Among the many structures damaged by the destroyed water pipe, The historic Miller County Hall in downtown Texarkana was in great trouble due to a leak...

Now that the thawing is complete, the store will be able to replenish the goods and fuel. We hope that many will look back on this experience and remember that many of our communities have reached out to their neighbors and strangers for help. Please wait for a while as the local water company is working to find and seal all leaks over the next few weeks. Please note that there are some new holes in the road, not from the work done trying to keep them open.

Recall the beauty of what we all witnessed.

NWS Reports Texarkana Received 20 Plus Inches of Winter Precipitation [PHOTOS] Source link NWS Reports Texarkana Received 20 Plus Inches of Winter Precipitation [PHOTOS]

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