Texarkana, Texas – Police Seeking Suspect in Theft from Elderly Relative

Texarkana, Texas 2021-10-12 13:16:19 –

Texarkana, Texas police are looking for Amanda Hughes’ whereabouts. Hughes has a warrant for property theft involving older victims. She is alleged to have fraudulently withdrawn ATMs for a total of approximately $ 4,500 in cash.

Media Release:

We are looking for Amanda Hughes who has a felony warrant for property theft of over $ 2,500 involving elderly victims.

Amanda’s 71-year-old relative had her use a credit card so that her two young children could have food to eat and clothes to wear. But Amanda seems to have seen it as a lot of opportunities to make some money for herself. Taking advantage of her concerns about the victim’s children, she began using her cards to make large numbers of fraudulent ATM withdrawals for cash. Detective Warren Smith was able to confirm that during the summer he used his relatives’ cards to make at least 12 individual withdrawals totaling about $ 4,500. Perhaps because of her regret, she was caught in the camera every time she pulled up to an ATM to withdraw a little more money.

Detective Smith was able to talk to Hughes several times on the phone during the investigation. After the warrant was issued, she agreed to bow down last Wednesday. But she hasn’t appeared yet, so now we’re asking for your help to find her.

We booked luxury bistate prison accommodation on behalf of Amanda Hughes. I look forward to her availability. Give her that chance early, not later.

If you know where she is now, call 903-798-3116 or Texarkana Area Crime Stoppers (903-793-STOP).

Police Seeking Suspect in Theft from Elderly Relative Source link Police Seeking Suspect in Theft from Elderly Relative

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