Texarkana, Texas – Sharonda Smith Never Settles. Never.

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A high school diploma, which grew up without much money, was not the easiest goal to achieve.
So Sharonda Smith dropped out.

However, with patience and diligence, Sharonda has a high school degree and is currently working on college.

So it is appropriate that her life belief is “never calm”. If so, she warns: “You will stay there.”

Since witnessing a family struggle, she has directly learned what it feels like to settle into a life situation that may not fulfill a person’s greatest potential.

Sharonda has been a waitress for over 25 years and currently works for Red Lobster. She loves her work and is loved by her customers.

She always wanted to go to college. But as Sharonda grew older, the job was hard on her body. She knew that it would be difficult to stand on your feet for hours at a time and she couldn’t go any longer.

The vacation when the restaurant closed during the pandemic gave her time to meditate on her goals and dreams of working in a professional career during the daytime.

She knew there were many challenges to achieving her goal of going to college-but she was ready for challenges and change.

First, Sharonda had to complete high school credits and get a diploma. After that, I started the Accelerated GED Program in April 2020 and obtained a high school diploma on May 27, 2020.

She said in a brave and determined voice, “I may not be able to do this, but I will never give up.”

According to Sharonda, there were many reasons why school wasn’t my focus when I was growing up.

She said no one had prioritized education. There was no role model. As a result, all she knew in her mind was to reach her goal one day.

Sharonda gave birth to a baby in high school and lost several families in a tragic death. This made it an obligation in her life to feed her baby.

Her answer to the bright future she dreamed of was Texarkana University. And she said it was always in her mind.

She found Kristen Peyton, saying there was an urgent need to talk to the TC’s instructor.

The advisor helped her find a university offering her desired field of study using an online database.

Peyton said Sharonda’s determination to succeed was clear from the time they first met.

She needed a mentor to guide her, but Sharonda was eager to start in her new school.

She was very grateful to know that she was able to receive the support of TC teachers at every stage.

TC students can use different educational strategies in classes called Learning Frameworks to learn the subject from different perspectives.

At TC, students form a close community of peers to support them. In addition, faculty support students in all aspects of their college experience.

Sharonda, who could barely control her excitement and joy, said the resources available at TC to help her success were unmatched and she wanted to get started sooner. ..

Sharonda has big goals and her dreams are in line with the plan. No doubt success will continue soon.

Editor’s Note: Sharonda Smith will never settle down, and you shouldn’t. Texer Kana News Anyone who needs more information about the start or end of a degree is encouraged to visit Texarkana University..

Sharonda Smith Never Settles. Never. Source link Sharonda Smith Never Settles. Never.

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