Texarkana, Texas – Shorty’s Donuts Continuing to Serve the Texarkana Community Since 1959

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Shorty Donut Owner Anna Allgor


Shorties donuts For over 62 years, we have provided hospitality and delicious donuts to the texer kana community. It has been handed several times, but the atmosphere and Southern Made Donuts haven’t changed.

In 2017, former employee Anna Allgor purchased Shorty’s from Ray and Danny Whitt, a family member of former owners Shorty Whit. According to Willie Witt, son of former owner Shorty, the restaurant hasn’t changed much. “I come here every day. It’s like home. Moreover, I love Anna and the other employees and want to continue to support them as much as possible,” Willie said.

The atmosphere when you step into Shorties is warm and friendly, filled with photographs drawn on the walls of your family over the years. Many incoming patrons are immediately called by name and are immediately greeted at their table with their favorite drink orders. “When you step into Shorty’s, you’ll know you by name, what you want to eat, what your family looks like, and all the other lists,” says current owner Anna Allgo.

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Many companies in the region suffered losses from the COVID-19 pandemic, but community support for Shorties helped the business boom. “We were shut down and only placed drive-through orders, but we were still able to make ends meet. When we reopened, we didn’t lose our business. Our customer was me. You keep seeing the mom and pop business in a small town, where we always know your name and always have a smile on our face. The community loves us and that’s why we succeeded, “says Allgor.

Next to the atmosphere are appetizing donuts, from old-fashioned cake and chocolate cake donuts to cinnamon rolls made from scratch every day. “We start with simple water and yeast and fry it lovingly,” Allgor said of what makes donuts different from other stores in the area. Allgor says she soon started selling the Pittsburgh Hotlinkh, which became a community favorite after purchasing the shop.

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Shorty’s Donuts are located at Oaklawn Village Shopping Center at 2729 New Boston Rd # 98, Texarkana, TX 75501 and are open Monday through Saturday from 6 am to 2 pm.

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Shorty’s Donuts Continuing to Serve the Texarkana Community Since 1959 Source link Shorty’s Donuts Continuing to Serve the Texarkana Community Since 1959

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