Texarkana, Texas – Texarkana University receives $ 25,000 gift from Super One Foods

Texarkana, Texas 2020-10-29 10:31:09 –

Photo (from left to right): Dr. Jason Smith, President of Texarkana University. Katie Andrus, Executive Director of the TC Foundation. And Cody Stout, Manager, Super 1 Store-Texarkana, Texas.


The Texarkana College Foundation recently received a $ 25,000 donation to begin donating a Super 1 Foods scholarship. This gift is Brookshire Grocery Co, funded by over $ 1 million. Was part of the “Focus on the Future” scholarship program.

Katie Andrus, Director of the TC Foundation, said: “I am very grateful to community partners like Super 1 Foods who recognize the importance of higher education in our community. This gift will have a huge impact on our students.”

The “Focus on the Future” scholarship from Brookshire and Super One Foods will provide tuition assistance to students enrolled in participating institutions from the fall of 2021. This program aims to reward recipients based on their financial needs and leadership. Texarkana University is one of more than 40 universities in Texas, Louisiana and Arkansas and is funded through this program. This $ 1 million donation effectively represents BGC’s dedication to education and its return to those who seek to build a better future in the communities it serves.

Brad Brookshire, Chairman and CEO of Brookshire Grocery Co, said: “We are very excited to launch a lasting program that will help thousands of students realize their dreams over the years to come.

“We support our communities and value education, which is one of the top philanthropic activities. So many families and individuals are under the financial influence of the pandemic. We dream We are proud to be able to help those who are aiming for it. “

Based in Tyler, Texas, BGC is a family-owned grocery store in the region that employs more than 15,000 individuals across Texas, Louisiana, and Arkansas. The company operates more than 180 stores under the flags of Brookshires, Super One Foods, Fresh by Brookshires and Spring Market, and has three distribution centers and headquarters.


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