Texarkana, Texas – Texas: 4-year-old who lost parents to COVID-19 says he just wants his mom back

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San Antonio, Texas (NBC News) – Raiden Gonzales is 5 years old this month. But his parents aren’t there to celebrate with him.

The four-year-old mother died in October of Covid-19, months after her father died from the disease.

“He missed his mother because he was a mommy boy,” his grandmother Rosie Salinas told NBC News on Saturday. “Just this morning he asked me for my mother to come back, but I just wanted her to come back.”

“That is, what do I tell him? As you know, I told him that they are the angels who are watching over us now and protecting us,” Raiden’s mother, Mariaa. Said Salinas, her mother.

Salinas is still in mourning, but wants to make Raiden’s birthday on November 28 as bright as possible. She and her sister came up with the idea of ​​a drive-by celebration, which now seems to be quite big, she said.

“We have several truck clubs, bikers, Mustang clubs, classic cars, jeep clubs, and fire departments. That would be a big turnout,” she said.

According to Salinas, the tragic story of the family began when Adan, a colleague of Raiden’s father who worked as a truck driver, tested positive for the virus earlier this year.

A few days later, Adan was hospitalized after being tested positive on June 3. “He was one of the two most ill in the hospital,” a healthcare worker told his family.

He died a few weeks later on June 26th at the age of 33.

According to Salinas, Raiden’s mother, Maria, 29, was still saddened by her husband’s death when she died suddenly on October 5, hours after she began to feel sick.

A few days after her death, Salinas received a phone call from the hospital telling her that Maria had tested positive for the virus.

“Maria wanted to make a monument for Adan, but she didn’t reach it,” Salinas said. She said she plans to have a monument for both her daughter and son-in-law after the vacation.

Raiden’s mom is a teacher and is in the kindergarten of the school where she worked.

“I left him in the same kindergarten,” said his grandmother. “They take care of him. They know what his situation is.”

Adan cheered on Saturday morning with the arrival of a surprise package containing his first birthday present, a small dinosaur toy.

“He likes dinosaurs, he likes monster trucks, he likes Hot Wheels,” Salinas said. “But he chose the dinosaur theme for his birthday, so I really like it.”

In all the pain, Salinas said her grandson would keep her moving forward.

“He keeps me moving. His friendly and constant reminders tell me how much he loves me. He always took care of me. I’m grateful for that, but I have to think about him, “she said. “It’s a difficult situation to handle.” … Nicole Asevedo, NBC News Digital

Note: Following the NBC talk on Saturday, the family I have started a GoFundMe account To support the memorial service for Maria Gonzales and cover childcare costs with a goal of $ 25,000. By noon on Sunday, $ 29,700 had been raised.

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Texas: 4-year-old who lost parents to COVID-19 says he just wants his mom back Source link Texas: 4-year-old who lost parents to COVID-19 says he just wants his mom back

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