Texarkana, Texas – Texas High’s Homecoming Bacon Fry

Texarkana, Texas 2021-09-26 10:55:07 –


Leadership students raise £ 120.Bacon

At 6 am last Friday, THS parents and students continued the Texas / Arkansas bacon fry tradition.

The morning air was infiltrated with 120 pounds of bacon, 30 dozen eggs, 1200 biscuits, 300 fried chicken legs and 15 grilled scents.

An older girl protects the bacon until the eggs are ready.
Stahl, Waldrep and Brubaker are tigers with a strong Texas tradition.
Seniors celebrate the last bacon fry.
William Morris, a 1977 high school graduate from Texas, is still appearing to fry bacon with John Hayes to preserve the tradition.

This year’s bacon fry was hosted by Susan and Courtney Waldrep, with Waldrep leadership students and Dollar McGuire supported by Principals O’Bannon and Stahl.

Student President Will Carter and Senior Class President Jake McGuire continue to have breakfast.

The bacon grease left in the player’s hands did not adversely affect the results of the homecoming game. Texas High defeated Mount Pleasant in a Friday contest: 44-13.

The junior leadership girl makes sure everyone gets a chicken leg.
Wiggins and Stanford celebrate 10 years early !!!


Texas High’s Homecoming Bacon Fry Source link Texas High’s Homecoming Bacon Fry

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