Texarkana, Texas – Uncle Kracker to headline Hope Watemelon Festival

Texarkana, Texas 2022-05-19 23:40:00 –

One of the most popular singers of the 2000s will be the marquee artist of the 2022 Hope Water Melon Festival.

Uncle Kracker, a hit maker that transcends genres, will headline the concert at the 46th Hope Water Melon Festival on Saturday, August 13th at 8:30 pm.

This concert will be held at Hope Fair Park on the CMC stage.The door opens at 6 pm

Michigan singer-songwriter, performer, also known as Matthew Schaefer, is Kid Rock’s chief collaborator and began his solo career in 2008 after making a charismatic presence in the twisted brown tracker band.

Following the success of his major debut “Double Wide” in 2000, he got the number one blockbuster “Follow Me”.

In 2002, the group’s follow-up “No Stranger To Shame” reached gold status, including “In A Little While” and a powerful cover of Dobie Gray’s “Drift Away”, a song that set up adult contemporary radio. Produced a hit song of. Chart record breaks through the chart for 28 consecutive weeks.

Former Kid Rock native Uncle Kracker appears before his # 1 hit “When the Sun Goes Down,” recorded by a Detroit-based graduate of Kid Rock with his best friend Kenny Chesney. It may have looked like a strange place.

With his double platinum crossover hit “Smile,” Uncle Kracker reached the top 10 in country music.

He then accepted his “country” side with his fifth acclaimed album, “Midnight Special,” produced by Keith Stegall in 2012. This confirms that this comfortable locker is suitable for his whereabouts.

From the American Country Music Awards to all the top late-night talk shows, Uncle Kracker has performed nationwide to a sold-out audience.

At the Hope Water Melon Festival, he will definitely explode, as well as fans in southwestern Arkansas.

Concert ticket prices start at $ 20 for adults and go up to $ 25 on the day of the show. Tickets for kids will be $ 10 on show day. Reserved seat tickets cost $ 40.

Uncle Kracker to headline Hope Watemelon Festival Source link Uncle Kracker to headline Hope Watemelon Festival

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