Texarkana, Texas – Where to Watch the 2021 Texarkana Christmas Parade

Texarkana, Texas 2021-11-29 17:51:44 –

The 2021 Downtown Texar Kana Christmas Parade will take place on Monday, December 6th, after which you’ll see all the trolleys, bands, attendees and more, including Santa, who meet all the good girls in the Christmas Tree Forest next to Crosties. Can and boys.

On Monday, December 6th, Jeff and Darlene will livestream the parade on TexarkanaFYI.com. Facebook When YouTube 311E. A waterway from the roof of a hideout on Broad Street. Coverage begins before 7 pm. Immediately after the parade, Santa and Mrs. Klaus go to the Christmas Tree Forest next to Crosties on Broad Street, where all the little girls and boys can share their wishes and take great pictures.

This year’s theme is “The Twelve Days of Christmas” and all parade entries must be “lit”.

Thanks to the main street, the parade route will be unstable again this year. Instead of going up 3rd Avenue to the Stateline and heading north on the Stateline to the Post Office … The 2021 Christmas Parade just completely separates the Post Office. With millions of dollars of refurbishment, the streets are too narrow to even have a large fire truck around it. Therefore, the parade route goes up Broad Street to Texas Boulevard, to the right of Texas, past Third Street, turn right on Force Street, then straight down Force Street and ending in front of El Julio.

You can watch the parade even if you’re trying to avoid crowds and weather, or if you don’t want to go out that night TexarkanaFYI.com!!

Where to Watch the 2021 Texarkana Christmas Parade Source link Where to Watch the 2021 Texarkana Christmas Parade

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