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Riverside, California 2021-05-05 18:48:44 –

The bill aims to ban certain health and abortion procedures in six weeks.

Austin, Texas — Controversial Abortion bill Initially passed the Texas House of Representatives.

Senate Bill 8First passed Texas House 81-63 (two did not vote) on May 5 and with certain health in 6 weeks before noticing that some women were pregnant The procedure for abortion has been banned. Such a bill is called the “heart rate bill”. This is because the fetal heartbeat is typically detected in 6 weeks.

SB 8 needs to vote again in the House of Representatives before heading to Texas. Governor Greg AbbottDesk.

SB 8 bans abortion in six weeks and allows “everyone” to sue a Texas doctor who chooses to provide or refer a person for abortion treatment. Opponents say the bill is so widespread that doctors, nurses, counselors, clinic staff, or families of rape victims can be sued by rape criminals and recover at least $ 10,000 if successful. I am.

Similar bill, House building 1515, Also in the House of Representatives.

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Shannon Najima Buddy, Female Health Reporter Texas Tribune, Join Ashley Goudeau Discuss the bill at KVUE’s Texas this week.. She said similar legislation had been passed in other states.

“The uniqueness of the Texas bill includes this legal wording that anyone can sue an abortion provider, whether they have had an abortion or not, and whether they have an experience with an abortion provider. That’s what it is, “says Najmabadi. Said. “So it has the dual approach of banning abortion very early on, before knowing that many women are pregnant, and there are also changes in these legal types.”

Austin Mayor Steve Adler issued the following statement on Wednesday:

“Senate Bill 8 does not provide solutions, additional safety measures, medical precautions, and certainly compassion for women who may be pregnant. Vulnerable Texas women have an abortion service. Attempts to access safe reproductive health care, including, face numerous obstacles and numerous hurdles. The bill adds new challenges and sometimes provides the care and services needed. Will be banned. “

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Texas abortion law: SB 8, ‘heartbeat’ bill, passes House Source link Texas abortion law: SB 8, ‘heartbeat’ bill, passes House

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