Texas Democrats Stall and Kill Transphobia Bill Targeting Student Athletes | Texas

On Tuesday, Texas House Democrats successfully stall The Transphobia bill goes from going to vote until the “pass or die” deadline is reached and expires.

Senate bill already passed 29 Texas The Senator forced all student athletes in the state to compete according to the gender assigned at birth. In short, we have completely banned transgender student athletes from playing in gender-segregated sports.

The failed legislation was at least one of 35 such bills Aimed at By restricting the participation of transgender students in athletics at schools mounted by Republicans in 2021.

In 2019, there were only two.

SB 29 is also part of a wider legislative attack on queer and transgender people across the country. We haven’t reached the midpoint of this year yet, Human Rights Campaign Has already declared 2021 “the worst year of anti-LGBTQ law in recent history”, with access to medical care to identify the gender of transgender people, to athletics at transgender students’ schools. There are 17 bills that address the ability to participate and other aspects of public life. It has been enacted so far.

Since January, over 250 anti-LGBTQ bills have been submitted to the state legislature. The efforts pointed out by the HRC are led by the Heritage Foundation and other well-funded national anti-LGBTQ groups. Ruin to win their hateful, selfish cultural war.

But thanks to the indomitable efforts of the Texas House of Representatives Democrats to deliberately waste nearly 12 hours all the time, submit many amendments, and ask every question to run out of time, SB 29 officially I died and became the third. An anti-trans bill that dies in the state legislature in this session.

SB 1646 was intended to codify the provision of gender-identified medical care to young people as a form of child abuse. Thankfully, it never passed the House of Representatives. SB 1311 also threatened to target transgender people’s medical access and revoke the licenses of providers who provided gender-verifying care. According to Austin American Statesman, it also died in the house after a few days of “unexpected” delays.

“At midnight, the final anti-trans bill [the Texas state legislature] Dead, “said the American Civil Liberties Union, Texas. Tweet Wednesday morning. “Thanks to countless transgender student athletes, parents, and advocates for your work. [stop SB 29] And [protect trans kids].. As a community, we must continue to fight for the existence of all Texas rights, without fear of discrimination or exclusion. SB 29 is not a law, but the mere debate about the humanity of transgender children has caused irreparable harm. “

Texas Democrats Stall and Kill Transphobia Bill Targeting Student Athletes | Texas

Source link Texas Democrats Stall and Kill Transphobia Bill Targeting Student Athletes | Texas

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