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Riverside, California 2021-10-22 19:22:52 –

Corpus Christi, Texas — Legalization and decriminalization of marijuana is a topic that has been talked about many times in Texas.

Many marijuana supporters, such as Jennifer Anderson, owner of Your Happy Place on Corpus Christi’s South Padre Island, want it to be legalized nationwide.

But there was a time when Jennifer Anderson wasn’t smoking marijuana. Eight years ago, her doctor prescribed her medical marijuana and changed her view of illicit substances.

Years earlier, Anderson did what she regrets in the future.

“I kicked my son out of the house to smoke when I was fifteen. That’s true. It was hard. I didn’t know. I was told it was bad,” Anderson said.

Since then, Anderson has rekindled his relationship with his son. Her store’s earnings are at stake as the Texas Department of Health currently considers Delta8 THC to be a Schedule 1 regulated substance.

Delta 8 is sold in many Anderson products. She said her CBD sales would help her retain her customers while this reduced her income. Anderson said he wants lawmakers to give him time to sell all their products at Delta 8THC.

“50% of our customers need that THC to activate that CBD, which helps free them from pain. It helps them with PTSD and stops seizures. I will help, “Anderson said.

One of the customers who suffered a seizure was Brianna Villarreal. She has been in a coma for three years and has lived a normal life with Delta 8 THC products. Villarreal said the seizures have disappeared as a result of using products from Anderson’s store.

“If they drank it, she feels like she can’t get it anymore, I’m just going to have a seizure? So nothing can help me? So it’s It’s really bad, “Villarreal said.

According to Anderson, Delta 8 THC comes from hemp. Edward Balton is an employee of Your Happy Place and an advocate of Delta 8 THC and national legalization. His passion for legalizing marijuana came after he was arrested on marijuana-related charges.

“It’s a bit sad that this is happening to people every day, and if we can crush how useful it really is like the community, we may not be able to fill the prison. There is, “Balton said.

Corpus Christi’s criminal defense counsel and marijuana policy expert Kyle Herscher sees Texas legalize marijuana in front of the federal government as there are other issues to address. Said that it can. But that doesn’t mean Texas is close to legalizing marijuana, he said. He said this is a less-paid issue, as Texas legislators have already given a limited number of people the right to use marijuana for medical purposes.

But he still wants marijuana to be legalized nationwide.

“Decriminalization means reducing the penalties for possessing marijuana ….. Legalization means removing criminal penalties from possessing marijuana,” Hoelscher said.

Groups like Hometown Heroes, a veteran marijuana advocate, are currently fighting the Delta 8 THC Act.

Texas DSHS makes stricter Delta 8 THC laws Source link Texas DSHS makes stricter Delta 8 THC laws

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