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Atlanta, Georgia 2022-05-07 23:36:27 –

Austin, Texas: Texas Governor Greg Abbott challenges the 1982 U.S. Supreme Court’s decision requiring the state to provide free public education to all children, including undocumented immigrants. Said.

Known as “Pryra vs. Doe,” the ruling overturned Texas law, which was “legally recognized” by the United States but refused to fund state education for children who were not Texas citizens.

This week, Abbott told conservative radio host Joe Pagliallo that it was time to re-limit the state’s responsibility for Texas to educate non-citizens.

“The cost is extraordinary and the times are different than when Pillar vs. Doe was published decades ago, so I think we’ll revive the case and challenge this issue again,” Abbott said. I did.

Many Republicans celebrated the release of a draft opinion showing that a conservative majority of the Supreme Court is ready to revoke a groundbreaking proceeding known as the “Roe v. Wade case” that establishes the right to abortion. At that time, Abbott made his comment.

Dealing with illegal immigrants was a major campaign issue for conservatives, including Abbott, who launched a border security initiative known as “Operation Lone Star” last year.

Illegal immigrants were affecting Texas’ public school system, Pagliarulo emphasized. An old man who doesn’t even have corrective English skills. This is a heavy burden on the community. “

“The challenges posed to our public system are extraordinary,” Abbott replied, accusing Texas of “burdening” Praila vs. Doe.

At an unrelated event in Houston, Abbott will enter Texas if the Biden administration ends Title 42, a Trump-era public health policy that promoted the elimination of immigrants at the border, including asylum seekers. He said he was concerned about the expected increase.

“It simply leads to educational and other obligations that are unsustainable and not affordable,” he said.

Abbott’s comments were quickly criticized by Democrats, including White House spokesman Jen Psaki, saying, “Rejecting public education for children, including immigrants to the country, is not the mainstream view.” Stated.

There are several ways Abbott pursues to challenge Praila vs. Doe.

While civil rights groups may initiate legal oppositions that could bring the matter back to the Supreme Court, Congress could pass a bill similar to the 1982 overturned bill.

The next regular session of Parliament will begin in January 2023.

Texas Governor challenges ruling requiring free education for migrants Source link Texas Governor challenges ruling requiring free education for migrants

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