Texas governor signs new GOP voting restrictions into law – Albuquerque, New Mexico

Albuquerque, New Mexico 2021-09-07 13:24:28 –

“I am very confident that this law will be upheld when it goes through the proceedings,” Abbott said. “It’s exactly what we said, making it easier for people to vote. No one who is eligible to vote will be denied the opportunity to vote.”

According to the Brennan Center for Justice, Texas is one of at least 18 states that have enacted new voting restrictions since the 2020 elections.

The law is part of a national Republican campaign that includes Florida, Georgia, and Arizona, strengthening voting law in the name of security, partly due to Trump’s false allegations that elections were stolen. doing.

Opponents did not wait for Abbott’s signature to file a proceeding against the new Texas law known as Senate Bill 1. The American Civil Liberties Union, minority groups, and disability advocates are part of a broader coalition that filed separate proceedings in federal court last week. Texas has accused Republicans of violating federal voting rights law and deliberately discriminating against minorities.

Some changes are aimed head-on at Harris County in the Houston area. There, President Joe Biden carried a county of 1.6 million voters last year, a 13-point difference. During last year’s COVID-19 pandemic, Harris County election authorities offered 24-hour polling stations and drive-through votes, which are now outlawed under the new law. The county also tried to send mail ballot applications to more than 2 million registered voters, but Texas will be held criminally liable for future attempts to send applications to those who do not request them. There is a possibility.

Participatory poll observers also have the right to make more moves, and election judges who interfere with them may also face criminal punishment, which the Democratic Party argues could lead to voter intimidation. ing.

“Today, black voting has been curtailed. Texas Governor Greg Abbott has deliberately abandoned a lot of democracy. We’re sick of it,” NAACP President Derrick Johnson said in a statement. Said.

In response to the new voting restrictions on the GOP-controlled State Capitol, Democrats in Congress want to pass new federal voting protection at the federal level, but overcoming opposition from the Senate Republicans I could not do it.

White House spokesman Jen Psaki defended Biden’s approach to voting rights, saying the president used his Bully pulpit to make Vice President Kamala Harris a key figure in the matter. However, Mr Saki said the administration plans to take additional but unspecified measures to address concerns from voting groups. “We’ll tell these supporters: we’re standing with you,” Pusaki told reporters on Tuesday on Air Force One. “There is still more work we can do together.”

Abbott signed the bill 100 days after the Democratic Party left the State Capitol to temporarily block the bill, launching the last ditch operation in the summer. Then, in July, more than 50 Democrats flew to Washington, DC, blocking the bill twice. As a result, the Republicans issued a Citizen’s Arrest Warrant to force the return of Democrats. Back.

However, the protest did not significantly change the bill, emphasizing the Republicans’ determination to pass the bill and the strength of their majority at the Texas Capitol.


Weber reported from Austin, Texas. Washington Associated Press writer Joshua Bourke contributed to this report.

Texas governor signs new GOP voting restrictions into law Source link Texas governor signs new GOP voting restrictions into law

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