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The tragic shootings in Uvalde, Texas on Tuesday have already rekindled the debate over what can be done to prevent future shootings at school. Texas is one of the country’s least restrictive gun controls and is currently the center of national debate on guns and mental health.

Last year, Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott signed more than 20 laws that make it easier to buy, carry, and own guns in the state, but there are also some changes to the state’s mental health care resources. had.

Since September 2021, most Texas people have not been trained or licensed unless they are 21 years of age or older, have firearms prohibited by law, or have been convicted. , It is permitted to carry a pistol in public places. Felony or domestic violence.

Governor Abbott signed this “Constitutional Carry” bill last summer.Currently, over 20 states have unauthorized carries in the United States

“I can say I signed some laws protecting gun rights today, but today I signed a document that planted freedom in Lone Star,” said Governor Abbott.

Progan activists have been promoting unauthorized carries in Texas for years, but they haven’t gained much traction before. But when the 2021 legislative session began, after the shootings in El Paso Walmart and Midland and Odessa, Texas, the legislature moved forward to make guns easily accessible to people. I decided that.

The problem is that most Texas voters objected to the idea of ​​having people carry their pistols in public without a license. A Texas University and Texas Tribune poll found that 59% of voters were against it.

In addition to the unauthorized carrying bill, other gun control legislation has been passed, including one that allows the marshal of a community college school to carry hidden guns instead of storing them. The other allows the elementary school marshal to do the same.

These laws have made it much easier for someone to carry a gun in public, but it is not always possible to point out any of these that are responsible for the tragedy in Yuvarde.

There is another law from Texas that makes headlines taking into account the age of the shooter.

In Texas, people over the age of 18 are allowed to buy long guns like the AR-15. As Governor Abbott pointed out this week, those rifles have long been legal to buy, and dozens of other states have allowed this.

“The ability of an 18-year-old to buy a long gun has been maintained in Texas for over 60 years,” said Governor Abbott. There is no such episode. “

An 18-year-old archer in Uvalde, Texas, has legally purchased a weapon used in a tragic attack.

Texas Parliamentarian Jarvis Johnson has urged Governor Abbott to convene a special session on gun control, including raising the age limit for long guns to 21.

However, the age requirements for other types of guns, such as pistols, are a bit more complicated. Last year, Texas legislators signed a law allowing people between the ages of 18 and 20 to obtain a pistol permit under certain court orders, but experts generally say pistols in Texas. The minimum age to carry is 21 years old.

The exception that allows people between the ages of 18 and 20 to carry a pistol is very specific. Permits can only be used if the youth has been ordered to be detained and is at risk.

Defenders of gun violence say the data show that young people are disproportionately committing gun murders. Ages 18-20 make up only 4% of the US population, but 17% of known murder criminals.

The archer’s motives for shooting at Yuvarde’s school are still unclear, but the governor sticks to his position. It means that you don’t need more powerful gun control. Instead, he and other gun advocates in the state point to another factor.

“I asked the sheriff and others free-form questions and got the same answer from the sheriff and the mayor of Yuvarde,” said Governor Abbott. “The question was,’What’s the problem here?’ And they frankly emphasized. They said,” … there’s a problem with mental health illnesses in this community. ” Said.

When it comes to mental health care, Texas doesn’t have exactly the best tools available for those who may need it. It is currently ranked last among all 50 states and the District of Columbia for overall access to mental health care. This is from the 2021 State of Mental Health in America report.

Nevertheless, mental health was not a budget priority for Texas leadership. Back in April, Governor Abbott actually saved more than $ 200 million from the department that oversees the mental health program.

Experts warn against fixing mass shootings to mental health. The incidence of mental illness in the United States is not as high as in other countries where mass shootings are rare.

As discovered by the Education Fund to Stop Gun Violence, only 4% of interpersonal violence cases in the United States result solely from serious mental illness.

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