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Riverside, California 2021-09-09 13:45:23 –

Corpus Christi, Texas — COVID-19 has postponed another popular Corpus Christi event.

Organizers announced Thursday that the Texas Jazz Festival will be postponed until further notice.

“As a group, we realized that the well-being of people (volunteers, band members, security / CCPD, vendors, and especially the general public) is very important to us,” said the Texas Jazz Festival Board of Directors. Posting director

The festival can pack more than 75,000 visitors into the Heritage Park each fall. The festival was canceled in 2020 due to a pandemic.

Other recent event cancellations / postponements are as follows:

Concrete Street postponed two major shows for COVID-19 in August.

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Texas Jazz Fest postponed | kiiitv.com Source link Texas Jazz Fest postponed | kiiitv.com

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