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Riverside, California 2021-07-23 22:23:43 –

While the government is considering all pending land expropriation proceedings, one landowner said the proceedings were “six months too late.”

Hidalgo County, Texas — As a candidate, President Joe Biden has promised that if elected, his government will withdraw a proceeding aimed at acquiring land to build a border wall. Six months after his administration, that didn’t happen.

in fact, Dozens of proceedings are still in proceedingsAccording to the Justice Department and a free lawyer representing some of the landowners.

PamRivas has one of those proceedings. She has been fighting to preserve the land in Hidalgo County for over a decade.

“We are standing on the land where I lived,” Rivas said. “It was in the family, you know, for years. There is a house here, there is a small area to hang out, I love noise, calm birds, cicadas.”

The Battle of Rivas began before the three presidents, who decided to seize her land on the Rio Grande River by the US government.

“It will separate me from the river,” she said. “And to me, it’s the beauty of this place and I can go to my property up to the river. I was worried that I didn’t know what would happen.”

Mr Ribas said he hopes President Biden will keep his promise to thwart the land incident on the border wall.

“I thought,’You know, he was president and he wasn’t because of border barriers. I thought it would end there. But obviously it’s not.”

At the direction of President Biden, the construction of the border wall was stopped. The Justice Department told KENS5 that after the environmental planning activities were completed, the government was reviewing all pending border wall land expropriation actions and reassessing whether previously acquired land was still needed. ..

“The problem is that it’s six months too late,” said Ricky Garza, a staff lawyer for the Texas Citizenship Project working on the Rivas case. “We are working on the network. In our first case, there will be a hearing to set up a trial on September 14. In the case of Pamela Rivas. [The government] All cases can be rejected-that’s what they can easily do. And in this case, they aren’t doing it at all. And we don’t know what the holdup is. “

The Department of Justice states that the Department of Homeland Security will discuss with the owner if it determines that the land is needed for life, safety, the environment, or other restoration work. If DHS determines that you don’t need the land, we will return it.

The DOJ says about 65-70 proceedings are still pending in Texas. DOJ said that Responding to court orders and proceeding proceedings To ensure that repairs have been completed around the existing construction area, including what the government calls a dangerous embankment.

Garza said he believed that if Ribas’s proceedings were brought to trial, it would be the first jury trial in a proceedings accusing border barriers. At least in Texas, Garza believed.

Even after 13 years of fighting, Rivas says she’s not over.

“I’ll fight it until I can’t do it anymore,” she said.

Her land wasn’t meant to be robbed.

“Why does the government take so long?” She asked. “I don’t think it’s right.”

Texas landowners continue fight to hold onto their property Source link Texas landowners continue fight to hold onto their property

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