Texas legislators can carry their pistols without a license, despite opposition from police and gun control groups

Austin — Texas is ready to lift one of the last major gun controls after allowing lawmakers to carry pistols without a license and approving the accompanying background checks and training.

The Republican-controlled state legislature approved the bill on Monday and sent it to Governor Greg Abbott. Governor Greg Abbott said he would sign it, despite opposition from law enforcement groups saying it would endanger the public and police.

Gun control groups have also opposed the move, looking at the history of recent mass shootings in the state. At El Paso Walmart, Sutherland Springs Church and High School on the outskirts of Houston.

Texas already has some of the country’s loosest gun controls, with more than 1.6 million pistol license holders.

Proponents of the bill say it will allow Texas people to better protect themselves in public while eliminating unnecessary obstacles to the constitutional rights of weapons. I will. Signing the law joins Texas with nearly 20 other states that allow some form of unregulated carrying of pistols. It would be by far the most populous such state.

The National Rifle Association was one of the supporters of the bill, and spokesmen called it the “most important” gun rights measure in state history.

“The right to demand tax payments or government permits is not at all a right,” said Jason Wimet, secretary-general of the NRA Institute for Legislative Measures.

Customer Randy Johnston has announced a reservation at Targetmaster in Garland, Texas. Tell CBS Dallas, “I don’t want to see each person I come across as a potential threat. It’s not the world I want to live in. So I don’t believe it. And if something happens, the guns that five people pull out, the police I don’t know who is good and who is bad. “

However, John Mannewitz, who oversees Targetmaster’s firearms training course, said requesting permission and training was “a better idea, but some people want to carry their guns and don’t want to go through the licensing program. I understand that I’m not going to say “no” to it. “

Texas legislators are also considering a bill to make Texas a “second amendment sanctuary” unaffected by the new federal gun law. Abbott promised to sign the law even after the legislature passed it.

Texas has already allowed rifles to be carried in public without a license. The bill sent to Abbott allows anyone over the age of 21 to carry a pistol, unless there is a felony conviction or other legal prohibition in the background.

But without state background checks, law enforcement groups are worried that there would be no way to eliminate them in advance. The bill includes stricter penalties for serious offenders carrying guns illegally.

The bill does not prevent companies from banning guns on their property, and federal background checks on some gun purchases will continue. Texas has no state requirements for background checks on the sale of personal guns.

Texas has allowed people to carry pistols since 1995, reducing the cost and training requirements for obtaining a license for the past decade.

A move to further ease gun control in Texas has offended El Paso lawmakers, including Democrat Joe Moody, who said he was in a room looking for a loved one for the governor and family on Sunday night. .. Walmart shooting in 2019.

The 2021 legislative assembly is the first time state legislators have met at the conference since the attack, which killed 23 people.

Moody recalled that after the shooting, the state had promised to “take the safety of the gun seriously.” Officials said the shooters targeted Mexicans in the border city.

“When the door closed, I heard a lot of promises,” Moody said. “I haven’t heard since then.”

Texas legislators can carry their pistols without a license, despite opposition from police and gun control groups

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