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Texas man sued after leaving negative company review – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 2021-05-29 04:50:20 –

Lubbock, Texas (KLBK / KMAC) – A Lubbock man decides to leave a negative review of an Irish company that worked online. The company that read it decided to take legal action.

“I never thought I would be personally liable for business reviews,” said Tim Castleman, the man who left the review.

In 2015, Castleman hired the company to help grow its online business.

After working for the company, Castleman realized he had made a mistake that cost $ 8,000.

Unable to address this issue personally, Castleman decided to post a negative review of the company online.

“I just say,’As a customer, this is what I’ve experienced,'” said Castleman. “For many, like this business, it will sink for $ 8,000.”

The next thing he noticed was that the company filed a proceeding against him.

“It’s hard to leave reviews of non-US companies and non-US citizens about the services I paid,” said Castleman.

The company asked Castleman to withdraw the review for defamation and debt of more than $ 300,000. When Castleman refused to pay, they filed a proceeding.

“Wishing, praying, thinking, justice wins, right? Watching every movie, reading a book, you’ll think,” Justice is coming, especially for American citizens, “Castleman said. Said.

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But justice was farther than he thought. Lubbock’s judge defaulted the proceedings to the company because Castleman said he had not received notice of the trial date of the proceedings.

This means that Castleman unknowingly owed them $ 60,000. Eventually, Castleman’s property was seized and sold, interest rates were pushed up from $ 60,000 to hundreds of thousands of dollars, and Castleman lost everything.

“I was very proud of my business, but all of it was robbed of me and you are helpless. There is nothing. You can’t scream loud enough to get someone to do something.” Castleman said. “Everything you work for can be taken off many times in just one minute. Think of suicide in very dark days.”

Castleman is still uncertain how he got to his place.

“Whenever I think about the situation, I think about the good side. What if they turn around and sue me?” You never think. So is it worth it for me to warn people first? “Castleman said.

Castleman is currently waiting for a trial date at the appeal level. If the judge there overturns the judgment of the Lubbock judge, it could be one step closer to undoing this damage.

But Castleman says that no matter what, his life will never be the same.

“Now I’m the one who’s trying this, trying it, and being forced to undo it. And in the end, I could win this proceeding and lose everything I have.” Said Castleman.

Castleman advised people that if he was forced to do it entirely, he would deal more aggressively in court, hoping to tilt the scale in his favor. For now, he is waiting for the next trial date. It can be 15 months away.

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