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Abilene, Texas (KTAB / KRBC) – Abilene In rare circumstances, the story of the birth of a mother is unusual after the identical twins were born three days apart.

Carmen Martinez knew that her pregnancy was different when she learned that she had twins. When she noticed at a regular checkup that the girl gave birth prematurely, she turned all her preparations into horror.

Mom and dad in early pregnancy

“Just listening to them, she’ll be in right away. I knew something was wrong,” says Martinez.

She was hospitalized on February 28, and that night the water broke, but she didn’t give birth for another week.

“I gave birth to Gabby, gave birth to her naturally, and came back soon,” says Martinez.

Baby number 2 wasn’t ready yet, so she decided to delay childbirth as long as possible on the advice of her doctor and returned to her room.

“I didn’t know how to really understand what happened. I just seemed to have a baby and I’m still pregnant,” says Martinez.

“At this age in early pregnancy, the longer you can give each baby in the womb, the better,” says Dr. Rentadovic of Hendrick Health OBGYN.

Tadvick gives birth to a girl and says this phenomenon is extremely rare.

“”[I’ve only seen this] Once again in my career. It’s very rare, “says Tadbick.

Martinez stayed in bed for three days, enduring the discomfort and pain of the baby’s growth.

Visit Gabriella in NICU while pregnant with Isabella

“I think the pain from 1 to 10 was 100 … as long as they were okay, that was important to me,” Martinez says.

Although she took some time to visit the NICU Gabriella when allowed.

“They seemed to’what they’re doing here, why they’re here, they’re still pregnant,’but I had to meet her for comfort,” Martinez said. say.

The sacrifice turns out to be worth it when mom and dad greet Isabella Rose Hernandez at £ 1-8 ounces on March 10. Martinez says the sight of her girl being with her was overwhelmingly powerful.

“It was a new kind of love that I experienced holding them together,” says Martinez.

March 10th was also his birthday, making it even more special for his father, John Hernandez.

“I was 36 when I had Gabby and 37 when I had Isabella,” says Hernandez.

Now proud parents are full of hope thinking of taking the girl home. They are ready to grow and see everything that goes with it.

Meet my brother for the first time

“I’m looking forward to a long night. Like a baby girl-just cry, just laugh, do what you love, because it’s a blessing to know it’s coming,” says Martinez.

I’m also looking forward to seeing the girls get to know their brother. Martinez says he was skeptical at first, but he knows he’s ready to take him home.

“He’s just in Cloud 9 because he met them. He’s ready for them to go home. He’s ready to be the brother I know,” Martinez says. ..

Dr. Tadovic, who is truly awe-inspiring to all involved, sang the praises of Hendrick’s colleagues and acknowledged the miracle they all participated in.

“There is the point of using everything given, it’s up to God. He has it,” says Tadvick.

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