Texas Republicans Ready to Pass “Shameful” Restrictive SB7 Voting Law | Texas

Republicans in the Texas Senate Most restrictive After rushing the bill to the floor in the middle of the night, it passed a move in the United States on Sunday to bring it to the forefront of the law.

A large bill, Senate Bill 7 or SB7, passed the party’s seat around 6 am after eight hours of cross-examination. Democratic Party Someone who has virtually no way to stop it. The bill must pass a final vote in the Texas House of Representatives late Sunday in order to reach Governor Greg Abbott, who is due to sign.

“We are seriously concerned about the bill, which was drafted behind the scenes and passed late at night,” said Beverly Powell, a Democratic state senator.

In private negotiations Republican Added words that make it easier for judges to overturn elections and postpone the start of Sunday’s vote, which many black church members go to vote for. The 67-page bill will also abolish drive-through voting and 24-hour voting centers, both introduced last year by Democratic base Harris County.

Critics say such measures are curbing the turnout of minority voters who are likely to vote for the Democratic Party. Hakeem Jeffries of New York, a member of the Democratic leadership of the US House of Representatives, called SB7 “shameful” on Sunday morning.

“Oh dear Texas The law is shameful, “he told CNN’s show. “Republicans are clear Texas We want to make voting difficult across the country and make it easier to steal elections. This is the only way I can interpret the epidemic of voter oppression from Georgia to Arizona to Arizona. Texas And all over the country. “

US House of Representatives Republican Senator Michael McCaul told CNN that the law in his home state of Texas “is a more optical issue and may restore confidence in the American people.” In my state, you really believe there was a tremendous amount of fraud. “

No: There is only one pending proceeding in Texas that could result in fraudulent voting due to the 2020 elections. Nonetheless, it’s the last big battlefield in Republican efforts to strengthen voting law, driven by Donald Trump’s lie that the presidential election was stolen. Joe Byden was on Saturday in Texas. As an “attack on democracy,” comparing the bill with changes in the Georgia and Arizona elections.

Voting in the Texas Senate took place shortly after the final version of the bill was published. Around midnight, Republicans usually suspended rules prohibiting voting on bills that weren’t posted 24 hours a day. Democrats protested against the protocol.

The bill will empower partisan polls by allowing access to polling stations and imposing criminal penalties on officials who restrict movement. The Republican Party has proposed giving poll guards the right to take pictures, but the wording has been removed from the final bill.

Another clause allows the judge to invalidate the outcome if the number of fraudulent votes can change the outcome, regardless of whether the fraud has proved to affect the outcome. It can be easier to overturn the election.

Election managers will also be subject to penalties such as felony if they mail a voting application to someone who has not requested it. The Texas District and County Bar Association tweeted that it counted at least 16 new, expanded or enhanced crimes.

Republicans are also moving to ban voting before 1 pm on Sunday, to the “soul to vote,” a voting campaign used by black congregations across the country, dating back to the civil rights movement. Critics are calling the attack. The change “deprives people who use their souls on polling opportunities and deprives them of their rights,” said Nicole Collier, a Democratic state representative who chairs the Texas State Parliamentary Black Executive Committee. I will do it. “

Faced with reasons why Sunday’s vote couldn’t be started earlier, Republican Brian Hughes said, “Election workers also want to go to church.”

Mr Korea was one of the three Democrats chosen to negotiate the final bill, but no one signed the name. She saw the draft around 11:00 pm on Friday and said it was different from what she had received earlier and was asked to sign the next morning.

Big companies have warned that this measure could harm democracy and the Texas economy. Republicans dismissed such opposition. According to the Brennan Center for Justice, at least 14 states have enacted more restrictive voting legislation since Trump’s defeat. About 400 invoices were filed nationwide this year.

Senator Chuck Schumer of New York said he would submit to Congress next month a federal law, For the People Act, to protect voting rights. It is unlikely that you will defeat the filibuster, the 60-vote threshold, needed to overcome opposition from the Republican minority.

Jeffreys told CNN: “The basis of our democracy is … not only for certain democracies, but also for conservatives and Republicans, but also for people in certain areas. , Working for democracy that reflects the voice of all Americans. Country.

“Therefore, I support the effort to move HR1 [the For the People Act], It will realize democratic reform in a meaningful way. We need to see what happens in the Senate in terms of reaching the 60-vote threshold. The Senate will make some decisions in reviewing the esoteric procedures traditionally used to support systems such as slavery and the Jim Crow Law. “

Reforms to filibuster are clearly unlikely, as opposition from West Virginia’s Democratic centrist Joe Manchin and Arizona’s Kyrsten Cinema.

Texas Republicans Ready to Pass “Shameful” Restrictive SB7 Voting Law | Texas

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