Texas Sen. Ted Cruz: Critical race theory is as racist as ‘Klansmen in white sheets’ – Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon 2021-06-19 11:29:20 –

Austin (KXAN) — On Friday, Texas Senator Ted Cruz aimed for a critical theory of racism, a very enthusiastic school age teaching about the history of American racism.

Republican Cruz, who appeared in “The Road to the Associated State of Faith and the Associated State” in Duluth, Georgia, accused the CRT. According to Hill, It tells attendees to teach students that “all whites are racists.”

“Critical racist theory says that America is basically a racist and an irreparable racist,” Cruz said on Friday. “Critical racial theory aims to make us hostile to each other.”

Proponents of CRT education say it is merely intended to outline how the American legal system and society as a whole have been left behind by the underlying white supremacy.Author Harvard analysis Explain that the CRT identifies the privilege of whites in an attempt to dismantle it. The “race” they claim does not even exist, but it is created by those at the top of the hierarchy and keeps those who are considered “lower” below it.

But Republicans in particular have blamed the CRT’s intentions. Instead, they call themselves racists.

“Critical racial theory is prejudiced,” Cruz continued on Friday. “It’s a lie, as racist as Clansman in white sheets.”

In addition to Cruz, a famous North Carolina Republican. Madison Corthorn They were also at the stage of accusing the CRT of being wrong because it “teach people to be victims rather than winners.”

Nationally and state-wide, CRTs are a hot target for Republicans. Last week, Texas Governor Greg Abbott said the abolition of critical racial theory would be a special agenda item for the state.This came a few days after he signed House building 3979 — This determines who can teach lessons about race.

HB 3979 states that teachers must present both sides of their idealism when teaching about current events related to race.In addition, the New York Times mention 1619 projectNationally acclaimed long-term journalism projects are banned. Launched in 2019, the project explores the origins and timelines of black slavery in the United States. The HB3979 law is scheduled to begin on September 1.

Meanwhile, bills such as HB3979 are being enacted nationwide.

Earlier this month Florida Board of Education Banned CRT, The teaching says, “distorting historical events.” May, Montana Attorney General Banned CRT And after other anti-racist programs have stated that they “commit racism in the name of ending racism.”

Despite ongoing fierce debate over critical racial theory, some supporters of the teaching say that Republican disapproval is inaccurate. What is considered a “CRT” They insistOnly teaches facts as facts, “not a strict political doctrine.”

NYT contributors and authors earlier this week Kurt Eichenwald He condemned Texas law and banned it by law that did not define “critical racial theory.” This is because it is not taught in public schools or GQP. [a reference to QAnon] Politicians can explain what it is. “

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz: Critical race theory is as racist as ‘Klansmen in white sheets’ Source link Texas Sen. Ted Cruz: Critical race theory is as racist as ‘Klansmen in white sheets’

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