Thank you by car this year

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News is not good news

I’m not sure because I turned off my cell phone and stopped checking my email, but if history is helpful, it’s not happening much in the car world during this Thanksgiving week. However, federal holidays never get in the way of advertising revenue, so this retrospective is a compilation of a year’s car blessings. It is advisable to consume it with a nice slice of the rest of the pie.

Remember the lost love

not to mention, Car and driver It starts with continuous access to new cars. Every job is a job, but it’s a mistake and probably rude to admit that our job is less than most. And it’s the number we enjoy with long-term cars that reminds us if we’re really lucky as much as we cherish our flapping in a legitimate supercar on the street. It’s a month relationship. This year we said goodbye to some great cars. A Mercedes-Benz E450 wagon that replaced the Mercedes-Benz E400 wagon destroyed by a truck moving while parked, around the Civic Type R town, where we all shouted to drive despite being shy You can see it maneuvering a huge wing. When you stop in memory of these great men, the pie crumble falls to the floor.

Cheetah mode for 2020 Tesla model

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Thank you, VBOX

We will neglect to recognize the role that VBOX’s testing system plays in our work. Without them, we didn’t know that due to software issues, the TRX could move faster on the Nissan Frontier than the 702-horsepower Ram 1500 TRX, and despite its embarrassing technology, the TRX could reach 60mph. did. 3.7 seconds. Comparing the results of 65 years of testing, you wouldn’t have been able to anoint the best performing car to put the tires on the test track. We’re also stuck accepting Elon Musk’s words that the Tesla Model S’s new cheetah mode has improved performance at repeated accelerations. Thanks to VBOX, we know it is true.

Silver lining

Certainly, it’s hard to see the bright side these days. But in an unprecedented year in all the wrong ways, car culture has provided some comfort. For example, a ban on indoor meetings does not necessarily prevent people from gathering in the parking lot to change the color of their neighbor’s car. Or, if that’s not enough, watch the owners of those cars donuts. And even in places where outdoor gatherings are limited, car nerds are joining forces with regular nerds to move car and coffee events to Zooniverse. Getting to know our own indomitable spirit may be the only really good thing of the year.

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Well, a little news

You may not know if Mary Barra’s somewhat cozy relationship with the Trump administration is a convenient marriage or a love match, but in any case, Barra’s ongoing relationship with the current president is her. He seems willing to endanger the future of the company. On Monday, Rose wrote to an environmental leader announcing that General Motors would withdraw support from an administrative lawsuit aimed at revoking California’s right to set its own emissions regulations. GM’s continued involvement in the proceedings has become a bit tricky, anyway, with the company’s plans for a completely electrical future. Take a look at this space and see what the fruit is from the inevitable courtship of the Biden administration’s roses.

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Thank you by car this year

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