Thank you from Maine

In the morning, strong winds blow along the coast, gusts up to 60 mph. A Norwegian maple came down into the backyard, fell into both cars, lowered the power lines, and tore the cables and electricity meters right next to the house. We call it an electric power company. Power outages have occurred throughout Maine, and crew members have to wait for the wind to weaken. Around 9 pm, you can hear the bucket truck being pulled up. Two men, one just getting started, the other veteran, turn on the headlamps, work in the dark, lift the line and reinstall. We thank them, these men are doing their job. Power is restored by lining up in the woods miles away from the two-lane road. “You are the last destination of the night,” says one. “After this, I’m going home for dinner.”

— Stuart Kestenbaum, Poet Laureate, Maine

Thank you from Maine

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