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Myrtle Beach, South Carolina (WBTW)-Long rides are coming to an end. Nicole Boon departed 32 years ago from Spartanberg County to work on television news.

Thursday is her last night at the anchor desk and has been named her for 26 consecutive years. It was a fun ride.

Most people will say “better than good”. Was good. I spend years on the set, having fun away from the camera and giving back to the community. It’s time to shift gear.

“I think she’s ready, I really do,” said Nicole’s mother, Sandra Prince. “I think she’s ready to live a calm life, but knowing Nicky keeps her busy doing something.”

Technically, she would do “something”-here in News13. She frequently comes back to cover special events in our area as an anchor for our special events.

“I’ll be doing all the positive things, and it’s cool because my heart is there,” Nicole said. “I share joy, love, hope and promise, show that people are worth it, and every month I am completely positive and 100% above my alley.”

And 100% of the people we talked to for these stories wish her well. However, some people do not know if Nicole is a “retired” type.

“She has so many great qualities,” said Jimmy Richardson, 15th Attorney at Law. “She is the sweetest person in the world. She is too many workers to retire.”

“I think she will miss us,” said Ed Clements, 12th Attorney at Law. “But I wish her and her family the best and divine blessings as she progresses to this stage of their lives.”

And the family of Nicole’s work for the last 30 years agrees.

“She will enjoy her retirement,” said former WBTW reporter Allison Floyd. “It’s fun. You miss people. You miss some of your work, but it’s really the people you’re with every day. It’s the one you miss the most.”

“It will be a little difficult at first, but she got married,” said Cecil Chandler, a former WBTW employee. “I think she will work.”

“You could do a lot of great things in life, and I know many people are excited to see how it will be done in the future, but you have The wonderful run you were on and you will surely be missed at the station, “said Pete Janity, a former WBTW sports director.

“I wish her the best, and as a gift to leave, she can leave with her [cardboard] Cutout, so what’s better? “WBTW Marketing Manager Dan Clintonworth said.

Well, spend more time with her family. If you look at her with us working with her, you won’t see her much. Her family will see more.

“I love her very much and I’m very excited about her,” said Nicole’s daughter Olivia. “I think she’s definitely ready. I think God said,’Living your life and going to do what you want to do.’ I think she’s definitely ready. I will. “

“She will definitely miss it, I know she does,” said Nicole’s son Mack. “But I think it’s a good transition for her.”

Nicole’s husband, Watts Huckabee, said, “I’m really excited to share my home, share my life, and do things on a daily basis, not just on weekends.” “That would be good.”

And again, her mom says Nicole has always been busy with retirement, as she did in News13 for the past 31 years.

“I don’t know where the time went,” Prince said. “It just passed. A lot of things happened. I think it’s a gift of success. Giving back. Don’t keep everything for yourself.”

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