Thanksgiving to everyone!

I wish you all a very happy Thanksgiving today! Undoubtedly, it will be a different kind of day for everyone, but we can overcome it. COVID-19 affects our daily lives and other holidays all year round. For example, someone like me was very happy to go to the movies, but I haven’t been there since February or March. At the same time, you may have started watching a movie at home, perhaps watching more than usual. It’s not the same, but it replaces nothing. The same is true today.

Of course, there is nothing like being with family and friends on Thanksgiving. Food, community, holiday sensations, it’s something special. Watching Detroit Lions football in the morning and the Dallas Cowboys in the afternoon is a tradition. So a tragic virus riot. That said, replacing large family gatherings with smaller and safer ones is the only option. We will all overcome this and get better. So it’s not a big treat, but I hope you find a way to celebrate. Eat turkey (or the one you chose to indulge in) and thank what we still have …

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving to everyone!

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