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Sacramento (CBS13) – Whether you want to miniaturize your Thanksgiving meal or just don’t want to cook, many people want someone else to handle the stress of Thanksgiving cooking this year. is.

A row of turkeys ready to make a Thanksgiving dinner without all the work in Sacramento’s Camden Spit and Radha.

“Our family has special medical needs, so we had to tell them not to come to other families this year,” said customer Laura Lucero.

As more families are shrinking their plans this year, restaurants such as Sacramento’s Camden Spit and Radha are seeing a surge in sales of cooked holiday dinners.

“We want to stay healthy and safe and strive to follow our guidelines,” said customer John Heilbronn. “We are trying to help as many local companies as possible,” he explained.

Camden has more than doubled orders since last Thanksgiving.

“I was hit by Facebook, Instagram, email and phone. I hope there is demand and the phone doesn’t stop ringing all over the city,” said Oliver Ridgeway chef and owner. ..

Urban Roots Brewing and Smokehouse Wednesday finished the 100 turkeys sold out in less than a week.

“In terms of sales, we’ve quadrupled from last year, which was really cool, especially when everything was going on,” said Gregory Desmangles Executive Chef.

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Their refrigerators have nearly 300 sides waiting for pickup. Despite the high sales, Desmangles says his customers limit the number of people sitting around the dining room table.

“It’s a lot of two Thanksgiving, three or four seem to be the majority of it,” he explained. “We have fewer orders this year. We have more orders, but smaller unit families have fewer orders,” said Deathmangles.

Grocery stores such as Raley’s and Nugget also sell Thanksgiving takeaways.

“It’s much easier to make something already,” said Anna Hernandez.

Hernandez, whose extended family usually cooks holiday meals, is happy to help after choosing to stay home.

“We always have two big suppers to attend, it’s difficult because we have a big family, a big Mexican family,” she explained.

The restaurant says it sold out too quickly and had to keep many people away. The manger knew that demand would increase this year, but says he was still shocked by the number of people calling.

As you can imagine, they are already planning Christmas.

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