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The song is nearly 30 years old, but Bruce Springsteen’s “57 Channels (And Nothin’On)” summarizes the struggle viewers are facing today. With hundreds of cable channels, dozens of streaming services, and countless on-demand titles, deciding what to watch can feel like an endless test.

That is our turn. Every month, recommends 10 must-see movies and TV shows available on streaming platforms such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Disney +, and HBO Max.

Many recommendations are for new shows, while others are for radar releases that you may have missed, or classics that are about to end their streaming service at the end of the month.

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Tom Hanks and Apple TV + are back together again. Hanks plays the last human being on the post-apocalyptic Earth. The inventor Hanks character is slowly dying, so he creates a robot dog to take care of the real dog and keeps both together until he dies. Hanks is consistently a great actor, so sometimes I can forget that his job is really difficult. Giving convincing performance to the opposite of robots and dogs is not an easy task, and Hanks takes the plunge.

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“Dream plan”

Williams sisters receive biographical treatment — more specifically, their dads. Will Smith plays Richard Williams, the father and coach of tennis legends Venus (Saniya Sydney) and Serena (Demi Singleton). Smith performs top-notch in better-than-average films, but Executive Producer Venus and Serena’s involvement in the film leaves the question of how objective the film is in its portrayal. increase.

Viewing method: “King Richard” Streaming on HBO Max..


Actress Rebecca Hall (“The Town”) made an impressive director and screenplay debut in “Passing”. The drama follows two black women who grew up together. After losing contact, they happen to reconnect at the store. There, Irene (Tessa Thompson, “Creed”) discovers that Claire (Ruth Negga, “loved”) lives as a white female. Both leads provide Oscar-worthy performance and resist simple characterization as the audience learns more about their diverse life decisions.

Viewing method: What is “pass”? Streaming on Netflix..


Fans of Nicolas Cage who saw the trailer for “Pig” may expect the clone of “John Wick” to mix with one of the Oscar winners’ characteristic bugeye, mania, and over-the-top performances. Maybe. The plot — the recluse chef vows revenge after someone kidnaps his best friend, a truffle-hunting pig — certainly suggests that mudcap behavior will continue. Instead, viewers are exposed to a portrait of a sadly overwhelmed man who uses fine food as a means of emotional catharsis, one of the most discreet and nuanced performances in Cage. “Pig”, previously available only on demand, will arrive at Hulu this Friday.

Viewing method: “Pig” Streaming on Hulu..

“Tick, tick … boom!”

In “Tick, Tick … Boom!”, Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda found a story that could be easily told on the screen. The musical “Rent” was written by Jonathan Larson, who died in real life before his work became a Broadway smash. Here, the late Andrew Garfield (“Social Network”) plays. Andrew Garfield breathes Larson the quiet despair of a man who has done a great job in him and is desperate to get it without knowing it. His world is about to end.

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“The Beatles: Get Back”

Trust the Disney + genius who decided to release Peter Jackson’s three-part documentary at Fab Four on Thanksgiving as the family gathers for precious television time. This series does not exactly change the widely accepted concept of legendary bands. Instead, Jackson and Co. provides a greater context and nuance to the lives of Lennon, McCartney, Harrison and Star in an intimate and unparalleled view of the group’s dynamics.

Viewing method: “The Beatles: Get Back” Streaming on Disney +..

“Dexter: New Blood”

Fans of the award-winning showtime drama “Dexter” will enjoy this revival, limited series. Taken in Massachusetts earlier this year Take Dexter Morgan (Michael C. Hall) to the chilly climate of northern New York. A vigilant serial killer tried to turn over a new leaf, but his dark passengers remain a constant threat to crushing his idyllic presence.

Viewing method: “Dexter: New Blood” Streaming with Amazon Prime With Showtime add-on.


If you’re looking to rest your brain this holiday season, “Hawkeye” spares Marvel’s entertaining action. Jeremy Renner is as adorable and grumpy as the sharp superhero Clint Barton, but it’s Hailee Steinfeld’s disciple as Kate Bishop waiting for Hawkeye to steal the show.

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“Sex life of female college students”

From Cambridge, Mindy Kaling has already demonstrated her ability to write compelling comedies for teens on Netflix’s hit “Never Have I Ever.” This time, culling heads to campus in “College Girls’ Sex Life,” which is more love than desire, recording friendships between four freshmen’s roommates at the fictional University of Essex, despite its exciting title. increase.

Viewing method: “Sex life of female college students” Streaming on HBO Max..


Showtime’s new thriller, Yellowjackets, adds an intriguing twist to the classic premise. What happens to the children of the “Lord of the Flies” after returning from the island? That is the main point of the show from 1996 to the present. Following a group of women who once played together on a youth soccer team and lived a brave life on a deserted island for 19 months after the plane crashed. Adding a mysterious supernatural element that slowly begins to emerge, the “Yellow Jacket” is a fun time to bend the genre.

Viewing method: “Yellow jacket” Streaming with Amazon Prime With Showtime add-on.

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