The 11 stars you forgot are “Are you afraid of darkness?”

On an upward trend! Ryan Gosling, JoAnna Garcia Swisher, Tear Morley And Tamera Mouri Is in the famous face that appeared in Are you afraid of darkness? In Early in their acting career..

The· La la land The star received him, for example Premiere credit In a 1995 episode titled “The Story of Station 109.1”. However, the 40-year-old actor was originally supposed to play a much bigger role in Nickelodeon’s horror series.

“We piloted in 1991 and then started the series in 1992, completely recreating the Midnight Society. Well, in fact, the man who played Gary. Rothhal, Was the only one from the pilot in the series — he played “Frank” as a pilot, a tough guy.But we have recreated everyone else, “said the co-author. DJ MacHale Said complicated In October 2014. “When we put together the series, I knew the kids were really good, so I wanted to cast Ryan in the midnight society, but he Mickey Mouse Club,When Christina Aguilera, Justin Timberlake And Britney Spears.. He went to Florida to shoot it, and it ran for two years. When he returned to Canada, he lived in Canada, so I took him to an episode of our show. “

Ryan Gosling, are you afraid of darkness? Nickelodeon

Jay Baruchel He was another young actor who caught the eye of the 66-year-old writer. “He probably had more episodes than any other kid, and that was the case with the kid,” he recalled. “He was the first in the episode’Dead Man’s Float’. He killed him in the first scene. [Laughs.] We drowned him in the pool. I thought, “Oh my god-this is a show for kids and we’re drowning this kid!” I oversaw the episode, so I went into the pool with him and tied a filament to the weight at the bottom of the pool and his ankle that ran to someone who had it at the bottom. I remember his mother on the set telling me, “I can’t believe you’re killing my kid!”

MacHale added: “He was a very nice kid and lived in Montreal, so I ended up casting him in three or four episodes. He was very nice, friendly, the comedy was great, and he was I got the irony. Jay and Ryan were two kids I knew would continue to do big and great things. “

Watch the video above and see more forgotten stars appear Are you afraid of darkness?

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The 11 stars you forgot are “Are you afraid of darkness?”

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