The 2007 BMW Z4 M modified for off-road use was auctioned

  • Bring a trailer auction This 2007 BMW Z4 An M coupe that was remodeled for off-road use after it was purchased last year.
  • The seller resprayed the Z4 in satin black and added custom suspension, bumpers, tires, roof racks, hatches, and two sets of auxiliary lights.
  • The bid is currently $ 15,000 and there are 4 days left. The car has a pretty Virginia title, but there is a contradiction reported on an odometer that reads 150,000 miles.

    2007 BMW Z4 It may not be the M Coupe that comes to mind when you hear the word “off-road vehicle,” but this “safari-style” Z4 has a long history of being beaten and paved by sports cars. The latest one in it. .. Lancia was a pioneer in all-terrain sports cars when it regained its Stratos rally in the 1970s, and Porsche tried that by introducing the 953, modified 911, and 959 into the Paris-Dakar Rally.Recently, a Dutch dealer called Classic Youngtimers Consultancy Nissan GT-R, Bentley Continental, When Lamborghini Gallardo For off-road vehicles, and this customized Z4 M is for sale Bring a Trailer Auction SiteIs similar to creating Classic Youngtimers.

    Bring a trailer

    According to the list, the 2007 Z4 M was purchased by the seller last year before being converted to the “Safari” specification. Repainted in satin black, the Z4M received 17-inch black rhino wheels and fenders and bumpers modified to fit the thick 235/65 Toyo Open Country A / T tires. The seller also mounted four circular Baja Design Rally Lights on top of the Kidney Grille and strapped a 40-inch Aurora LED light bar to a unique roof rack. The most dramatic visual change is around the rear, where the rear hatch has been redesigned to fit the two protruding spare tires.

    Under the hood, the 3.2-liter S54 in-line 6-cylinder was mostly in stock. That means 330 horsepower and 262 lb-ft of torque. However, the Z4 M was given a custom adjustable ground control suspension and aftermarket skid plate for handling bumpy rocky trails. The black leather interior is also relatively untouched and includes a three-spoke M-brand steering wheel, CD player and automatic temperature control.

    Bid 2007 Z4M Safari It’s currently $ 15,000, but there are still four days left in the auction. The car has a Carfax report and a pretty Virginia title, but there are some obvious inconsistencies with the odometer, showing 150,000 miles.

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The 2007 BMW Z4 M modified for off-road use was auctioned

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