The 2025 Porsche 718 is electric and is the “most modern Porsche”

  • Porsche 718 Fully electric sports car It will be launched in the United States in 2025.
  • More duplication with 911However, Porsche is not worried about cannibalism because the car has a radically different propulsion technology.
  • A more powerful version of this future 718 will feature a front motor, making the electric 718 the first all-wheel drive version of the nameplate.

    A few months ago, we speculated on Porsche’s plans to turn the 718 into a fully electric vehicle. We are currently collecting additional material from a variety of sources both inside and outside the company. Not only was it confirmed to be a full-battery electric vehicle, but it was also confirmed that it would basically be disconnected from the 911. It has learned that it may not even be able to retain and even hybridize combustion engines after 2030.

    718 will continue to be sold in both Boxster When Cayman shape. And last but not least, Boxster is almost 100 percent sure to hold the top of the fabric instead of moving to a fixed roof solution. Its body style remains relatively close to the current model, but it features Porsche’s new “electric front” with wider headlights, like the Taycan.

    The next 718 design Mission R concept car At the Munich IAA Auto Show. Reduced with an aggressive attitude, without wild aero, the Mission R provides a good idea of ​​what the 718 Cayman’s production will look like.

    I haven’t seen the interior yet, but I’m confident that it will be the brand’s most futuristic, a big leap from the current 718 cockpit, which is more positive and conservative than the Taycan. In designing the user interface, Porsche has a customer base in mind. In China, the most important market, the average age of 718 buyers is only 31 years. It is said that “this will be the most modern Porsche”.

    Sports car fans are concerned that the Electric 718 can be overly heavy. NS TaycanAfter all, the entry-level model with a small battery costs £ 4568 and the Turbo S Cross Turismo costs £ 5199, even though the package isn’t that big. The 718, on the other hand, would be a miracle of lightweight technology. The internal target weight is less than 3650 lbs.

    Porsche Mission R concept.


    Porsche does this by equipping the newly developed sports car platform with the 718, which is said to be far superior to the shortened version of the PPE platform. Economies of scale are realized with electronics and invisible components, but many components related to dynamics are still unique.

    The power rating is still in the air, but we’ve found that the entry-level version, which significantly undercuts the 911 and stays within the current 718 range, will feature a rear motor. The more powerful version adds a front motor, making the Electric 718 the first all-wheel drive iteration of the nameplate. Like the Mission R concept, and unlike the Taycan, the next 718 gets a single speed drive.

    The inadequate range is the elephant in the EV room, especially for pleasure machines like the 718. The 250 mile range is the minimum acceptable value, and it is said that “the more you have, the better”. And Porsche is working hard to improve both range and charging performance.

    In terms of power, the top-level version is well within the 911 range. However, Porsche is not worried about duplication, as the choice between electric 718 and petrol-powered 911 represents a radically different technology. Porsche doesn’t enjoy the scenario of turning 911 into an EV, so we expect it to remain that way. Hybrid technology cannot be used with the completely electrical new 718. Also, future iterations on 911 will never incur significant weight penalties. When it comes to racing, Mission R has paved the way for a completely electric racing series, but nothing has been decided yet.

    The next 718, which is most likely to retain its name, will be launched in 2024. Unless the plan is postponed, it will appear in the United States as a 2025 model. Current petrol models can be easily sold with electric models. The duration of its production run will be determined by the following Euro 7 emission regulations, which could disrupt further improvements in gasoline engines.

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The 2025 Porsche 718 is electric and is the “most modern Porsche”

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