The 2027, 29, and 31 US Rugby World Cup bids will include the NFL and college stadiums.Rugby World Cup

NFL stadium may be used soon Rugby World CupIf USA Rugby successfully hosts a men’s event in 2027 or 2031 and a women’s event in 2029.

The American union is bidding to host the fourth-largest world sporting event after completing a reported feasibility study. By last year’s Guardian..

Russia and Australia too Among bidders However, according to appropriate sources, World Rugby supports the 2027 Men’s World Cup for making money in Australia, which could be followed by the United States four years later.

If so, the United States may face competition from England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Guardian revealed Consider joint bidding when they try to rebuild the finances hit by Covid-19. However, the United States is a major market for expansion.

Asked about the concept of Australia ’27, followed by USA ’31, USA Rugby CEO Ross Young, a former Rugby World Cup general manager, told the Guardian:

“The first phase of this candidate phase is to delve into the tastes, and from our side there are the strengths and weaknesses of ’27 during the Soccer World Cup. [in the US, Canada and Mexico in 2026] And the olympic games [in Los Angeles in 2028]..

“The longer the runway, the more opportunities we have to try to make our team competitive, similar to Japan.”

Japan was a Tier 2 team before the big success of the 2019 World Cup, which reached the quarterfinals. They are currently ranked 10th in the world and will face the British and Irish Lions next month.America is 16th place And lost all the games in Japan.

In July, the Eagles will face United Kingdom and Ireland.22 players of Gary Gold Team of 30 people Play in the Major League Rugby, a professional US league currently in the fourth season and participating in World Cup bids. The match between Twickenham and Dublin is enthusiastically watched.

Young said: “What we said is that in an ideal scenario, we want to link the overall strategy of ’29 to either ’27 or ’31.

“So, as we go through this process, I think we’ll delve into really more detail in this dialogue about what our tastes are. World rugbyThere is no doubt that we are confident that we can successfully host ’27, ’29 and 2031. “

Jim Brown, managing director of the 2026 World Cup bid and formerly executive director of the FIFA tournament, is the executive chair of the US Rugby World Cup bid.

Regarding the feasibility study, he said: NFL People affected by this, such as Major League Soccer. And our first method was to identify the level of interest in these key stakeholders.

“And we got a clear and positive response. We are in about 30 host cities of interest and a little over 30 major stadiums of interest … and these are big stadiums. Is: MetLife, New York [home to the Giants and Jets, capacity 82,500], All major stadiums in the NFL standard. “

Rugby was played at Soldier Field, home of the Chicago Bears.A crowd of 62,000 sold out who saw New Zealand beat the United States 2014 Lose to Ireland 2016. Quite less viewing Ireland Hammer Italy Two years later.

During the 2019 World Cup match in Japan, US No8 Cam Dolan caught the ball next to Leva Fifita in Tonga Rock. Photo: Filippo Monteforte via Getty Images / AFP

The Rugby World Cup takes place in the fall of the Northern Hemisphere. It coincides with the NFL season, so Brown said major college venues such as the “Rose Bowl” could be used at the US World Cup. [Pasadena, 91,000, host of the 1994 and 1999 football World Cup finals], Cotton bowl [Dallas, 92,100]Legion Field, Birmingham, Alabama, owns 71,600.

“The match is being considered in case we decide it’s better to play in a smaller stadium,” Brown said. Each city is working on flexibility there. “

The Rugby World Cup often crosses national borders. Young and Brown said the intention was to hold it in the United States, but the Canadian venue was not excluded. Especially in 2029, there was a possibility of a women’s match in Vancouver.

Asked What’s coming next, Young said: “I just received the bid documents from World Rugby, but I’m still digesting the documents. I’ll make my first formal call on Thursday. If you have any questions,

“But in reality, the important dates that follow are the end of the year, the first draft of some commitment letters, and some important documents needed for review and apparent discussion. And formal bidding. Submission is scheduled for January 14th.

“Then the decision will be made in May. All three at once.”

The 2027, 29, and 31 US Rugby World Cup bids will include the NFL and college stadiums.Rugby World Cup

Source link The 2027, 29, and 31 US Rugby World Cup bids will include the NFL and college stadiums.Rugby World Cup

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