The 4-cylinder Ford Mustang and Chevrolet Camaro deserve your respect and consideration

What kind of car does all enthusiasts seem to mourn for their death? OK, except for the brown manual station wagon?It’s cheap sports car And a sporty coupe, especially a rear-wheel drive coupe. It seems to have disappeared steadily from the 1980s to the 1990s. Celica, 240SX, non-turbo RX-7, SupraOr, going back further, a small British sports car or any kind of American performance coupe.But (in the voice of Morpheus)NS matrix“”What if you say you have two great sports cars that start at less than $ 30,000, come with a manual transmission, and allow you to easily change your 4-cylinder engine?What you see everytime..They are Ford Mustang And that Chevrolet Camaro..

Perhaps a good part of you will say: “No, there’s no point in getting one of them, you Have got To get the V8. And, sure, if you have cash, you should probably get a V8. But if you have a budget and can’t exceed $ 30,000, it’s an option. V8 Mustang Starting at over $ 37,000, V8 Camaro It starts at about $ 35,000, each about $ 9,000 more than a four-cylinder engine. Therefore, in terms of price, it is not possible to make an exact comparison, except for the fact that they share the same model name.

From another perspective, you can buy a more impressive V8 version of these cars. Camaro ZL1 And Mustang GT350 GT500..They are How to do More powerful and much better handling than just a Mustang GT or Camaro LT1. So why bother to own one of the regular V8 cars? Well, not everyone can afford the super version. Also, the usual ones are still good, it takes me to another point: a 4-cylinder car is a legally good sports car for money.

Each of them provides a solid amount of horsepower. The Camaro produces 275 horsepower and 295 lb-ft of torque. Subaru WRX, Hyundai Veloster N And that Volkswagen GTI (Also new). The Mustang EcoBoost (even one in a special performance package) produces 310 horsepower and 350 lb-ft of torque.It surpasses even more expensive ones Honda Civic Type R When Volkswagen Golf R.. And both cars can be made more powerful with typical turbo engine upgrades such as tunes, intakes and exhausts. Ford It’s legal in 50 states and even comes with official calibrations guarantee If installed by dealer This adds 35 horsepower and 76 lb-ft torque.

Ford Mustang EcoBoost

But it’s not just power, it’s handling.both Cars share Most chassis are equipped with a fun V8 model, which makes them responsive and enthusiastic about the corners. In fact, they are definitely the lightest version of the car, so they are definitely more playful in the corners. The Mustang is particularly nifty at turn-in, with the giant Twincam V8 not sitting on his nose.Another cool bonus, both models are coming standard With limited slip differential. Ideal for cornering. It’s also great for drifting a bit if you feel sick.

If you prefer hot hatches, or if your sports car’s desires are more in line with the Miata or 86 / BRZ, then it’s perfectly fine.But what I’m trying to get here is that these base pony cars shouldn’t be overlooked just because they’re malicious as unreasonably bad. Car rental Feed with a small number of cylinders. The fact of the matter is that they are a great way to actually get a fun sports car without spending too much money, and there is a way to grow with you as your budget and skills allow.

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The 4-cylinder Ford Mustang and Chevrolet Camaro deserve your respect and consideration

Source link The 4-cylinder Ford Mustang and Chevrolet Camaro deserve your respect and consideration

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