The $ 6.3 Million Arizona Mansion for Sale Features a Garage of 100 Cars

  • The current for-sale mansion in Scottsdale, Arizona is located on 4.8 acres of land and can accommodate five guesthouses, stables, a spa, pool and poolhouse.
  • The property has a large garage that can accommodate 100 vehicles for RV or boat storage, as well as several lifts, painting booths, detail rooms and a dedicated wash station.
  • The house is listed for $ 6.3 million Keller Williams Realty It has been on the market for over half a year.

    If you have 100 cars, no place to store them, and you have a few extra cash on your truck, you should check out this 8,735-square-foot mansion in Scottsdale, Arizona. The vast grounds have a main home with 4 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms, and some additional structures including a garage space for 100 cars, making it difficult to part with your car. An ideal pad for gearheads.

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    Located on Scottsdale’s 11350 East Arabian Park Drive, the huge complex is on a driveway and was built in 2006. Zillow list. The vast terracotta and wooden details give the mansion a rustic, desert charm. The property also features 5 guesthouses, a separate pool house and kitchen that complement the heated pool and spa, and horse-rearing facilities, all in a large area. , Open the courtyard.

    But the real attraction is the huge amount of car storage space. The garage building has multiple lifts if you want to greasy your hands, a paint booth and a detail room to prepare your vehicle for the next Concours d’Elegance event. There is also a charging port, a washing station with alkaline ionization, and space for storing bulky vehicles such as RVs and boats. Between all the garages, there are 18 single doors and 13 double doors.

    $ 63 million mansion

    ARMLS via Zillow

    The photos provided in the list show that the garage is being used successfully. There is an interesting combination of cars. Some photos depict a chrome-plated 1950s Americana, including the C1 Corvette in front of the garage. Other photos also line up the classic Mercedes-Benz and some old school Ford Hot Rods. The seller also provides images of two MGs parked near the elevator and a photo showing the Aston Martin DB9 parked in one of the Ford Thunderbirds and garages in the early 2000s.

    The 11350 East Arabian Park Drive is listed for $ 6.3 million and has been on sale for over half a year. Although prices fell $ 200,000 in May and still cost a lot, the property seems to be relatively stolen compared to the other mansions I’ve introduced so far. $ 62 million home In Los Angeles, which I covered last year.

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The $ 6.3 Million Arizona Mansion for Sale Features a Garage of 100 Cars

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