The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends “universal masking” at school for people over the age of two. – Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky

Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky 2021-07-19 12:29:41 –

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that anyone over the age of two wear a mask at the beginning of this year’s new semester, regardless of vaccination status.

In AnnouncementAAP with a new guidance called “Layered Approach” that came on Monday Recommendation All school staff are wearing masks when face-to-face learning returns this year.

“We need to prioritize returning our children to school with friends and teachers, and we all play a role in ensuring that it is done safely,” he said. Sonja O’Leary, MD, FAAP, chair of the AAP School Health Council, said. , Said in a news release. “The pandemic has hit children sorrowfully, and it suffers not only in their education but also in their mental, emotional and physical health. Vaccinations, masking, clean hands. The combination of layers of protection, including hygiene, enables safe and possible face-to-face learning for everyone. “

The association said the reason for the recommendation was “because a significant portion of the student population is not yet vaccinated” and wearing a mask “reduces viral infections and protects unvaccinated people”. Has been proven. “

The AAP added that many schools do not have a monitoring system to determine who is vaccinated and it can be difficult to determine who is who. With the emergence of new variants, it can lead to increased infections among children.

In the United States, anyone over the age of 12 is eligible for COVID-19 vaccination.

last week, The FDA reportedly said An emergency use authorization for the vaccine for children under the age of 12 may come from early winter to midwinter.

In a news release, AAP added that campers are encouraged to wear masks during indoor activities as the number of COVID cases in summer camps increases.

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