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The “art” of COVID survival in Colo. Springs – Colorado Springs, Colorado

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Colorado Springs — Downtown Colorado Springs is internationally recognized for its innovative thinking during a pandemic. Virtual First Friday proved a successful way for artists and art galleries to survive the COVID-19 stay-at-home order. Downtown Ventures, Executive Secretary Claire Swynford, said:

The plan has published a traditional first Friday art gallery tour online. “Run live feeds and live camera feeds from social media to view and talk about individual works of art,” said Robin Schneider’s Art 111 Manager. I am happy to be able to virtually change the scenery.

There was also an incentive to motivate online visitors to provide some assistance to the arts and culture through purchases. The Bee Vradenberg Foundation, along with the Pikes Peak Region’s Cultural Office, provided a $ 10,000 grant. A donation element has been added for each purchase. “Purchasing something from your favorite gallery adds $ 50 to the tabs and an additional $ 50 to the cash register,” says Swinford.

This initiative has generated nearly $ 100,000 for local galleries and artists. “Many of us wouldn’t have done that,” Schneider said. Support did what it intended. It helped pay bills and overcome the worst pandemics to win the gallery.

Awards from the International Downtown Association are a bonus. “They gave us an award because we influenced the community,” Swynford said.

The “art” of COVID survival in Colo. Springs Source link The “art” of COVID survival in Colo. Springs

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