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New York-It’s the hometown week of “Bachelor’s Degree”! Matt was able to meet the family of the last four women, Rachel, Buri, Serena and Michelle. They traveled to the resort instead of Matt visiting his actual hometown due to COVID restrictions on the shoot.

Michelle date

Matt met Michelle and they wore a lavender sweater. Michelle surprised Matt with a few bikes, walked through the resort and talked together about what the future might look like. They eventually arrived at the auditorium where Michelle’s students were waiting for a zoom call. The kids were so cute that they asked a lot of questions to Matt aka “James”.

That night, Michelle brought Matt and met Mom and Dad. Michelle told her mother when she attended the show that she didn’t know she was stepping into the rose ceremony. Matt said she was hooked and immediately requested a one-on-one date the next day. Her dad asked her if Matt suggested whether to say yes, and Michelle said she would! Matt told her dad that many of their future goals were in line and he had fallen to Michelle. Michelle cried and told her mom that she loved Matt while they were having that tough conversation. Before they parted, Michelle told Matt that she loved him. Matt smiled and kissed. But he didn’t say it back.

Rachel’s date
Rachel boarded Plymouth Prowler and met Matt in the field. She blindfolded him and took him to the skydiving airfield! They loaded on the plane and jumped! Everything went smoothly until Rachel landed quite hard. painful! The doctor came and checked her out, and she was fine. Matt was okay so I was really relieved.

Rachel then met her parents and sister with Matt. They talked about skydiving, then Rachel went to talk to her mom, and she told her mom that she loves Matt. She said Matt was always there for her. Rachel said he really comforted her after her bad landing. She told her mom that she was wearing a lot of makeup to hide her bruise on a rough landing. Rachel’s dad asked Matt how he could be confident that he was in love in just a few weeks and that he was ready for it. Matt told Rachel that he was in love with her. Her dad was critical of the fact that other women were still involved. He said, “When I’m with Rachel, she’s all I think.” Rachel’s dad is totally skeptical. Matt told Rachel that he had not yet asked his father for a blessing. He said he didn’t feel right to do it “just by checking the checkbox”. As a result, Rachel was a little worried.

Yellowtail date
Because of Buri’s hometown, she wanted to get it back on the first date Matt killed her almost on the ATV. She put him on a jeep and they went off-road. They made the jeep really muddy and then sat in the open field to have a picnic. Buri told Matt that he was going to meet his mother and best friend. She warned him that her mother was tough!

Buri’s mom Lauren and sister met Buri with her best friend. The little baby cried a lot, but it was very valuable! Buri’s mom asked Matt to speak outside, and she immediately asked him how he felt about her daughter. Matt told Lauren that he was falling for Buri. He was very pleased with Buri, but Lauren said her daughter was a realist and was afraid to be shot down. Matt said he could see yellowtail in his life. Buri told her mother that she was in love with Matt, but she was scared. Her mom told her to promise herself honest and vulnerable. So, with the advice of her mom and friends, she told Matt that she was in love with him. They kissed and he said, “Thank you for telling me that.”

Serena date
Serena took Matt to the bar. There, like her, everything was Canadian! They went beyond vernaculars, maps of Canada, and even food. Poutine is delicious! French fries with cheese curd and gravy sauce. Then they went out and played hockey!

That night, Serena introduced Matt to her parents and sister, who had a great conversation! They joked about their time dating and seemed to have a really great relationship. Matt told Serena’s mom how much she liked their conversation. Her mom said she was very worried that Serena would eventually get hurt. Matt said he knew how Serena felt about her, but not exactly. Serena told her sister that she was catching up with Matt’s feelings, but was definitely in love with him. Her sister said something was missing. She doesn’t think Serena was struck with him. After all conversations with her family, Serena admitted that she was suspicious. She admitted to Matt that she had doubts and said she could talk about it, but when Serena ran the car, it seemed to make Serena feel flat.

Matt looks back on his week
Matt talked to Chris Harrison about how his week went and how everything met his family. Matt said he keeps thinking about what he wants in his life. Matt tried to give Serena as much confirmation as possible, but said she didn’t know where she was. “Is this the relationship you want to fight?” Chris asked him. “Yes,” Matt said. Chris urged him to jump into the conversation and understand Serena and it.

Matt goes to talk to Serena
Matt boarded the limousine and went to talk to Serena. He said he could live with Serena and see her family, but she’s worried she might not have seen it. Matt appealed to her and did her best to stay positive. Serena acknowledged their immediate chemistry, but she said she was suffering from her suspicions. She said it was more than just fear. She doesn’t think he’s herself. painful. Matt had to sit down and absorb it for a brief moment. He said he felt something was wrong. “It just stinks,” Matt said. That’s it.

Rose ceremony

When Matt stepped into the rose ritual, the women desperately whispered about where Serena was. He told Chris Harrison that he was sad that Serena decided to leave, but he was happy with the woman who left and worried that someone else would feel the same. There is.
1) Michelle
2) Rachel
3) Yellowtail

next week
This is an episode of “The Women Tell All”. I heard from Victoria that he was a “bully”. Serena P. also talks about her decision to leave. Looks explosive! Matt will have a great deal of experience in the next few weeks!

Matt commented on his Instagram and Twitter accounts about the controversy over Chris Harrison and contestant Rachel Carconel.

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