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Mickey Spanola

Oxnard, California. -What a wonderful sight!

No, it’s not the background of the River Ridge Golf Course during the first practice of Training Camp 2021 here.

No, I haven’t seen the Pacific Ocean while riding my bike early this morning to Mandalay Beach.

No, after a year of direct dialogue with the players, of course, at a distance, some people haven’t met in person with their coaches throughout the last season, fans, camp volunteers, for the first time in two years. People who work at the residence inn.

Everything is special.

But no.

For the Dallas Cowboys preparing for the 2021 season in anticipation of a big rebound during Thursday’s first official training camp practice, this should be a picture they’ve been worried about for quite some time. It was.

Dak Prescott is back under the center.

Tyron Smith there with the tackle on the left, and what you should see after playing just two games last year.

La’el Collins is the right tackle and the waist is out of the 2020 season.

Zack Martin returned to the right guard after missing the last five games of last season.

Blake Jarwin returned to the tight end after only 25 snaps lasted in the opening round of last season. The remaining season was sacrificed as the ACL broke in those 25 snaps.

Defensively, Leighton Vander Esch not only returned to the field after missing six games, including the last two games last year, but also where he belonged to the weakside linebacker. Is back.

Even the guy, the slightly stoic Mike McCarthy, couldn’t stop his smile as the Cowboys head coach for his second season after a false start 6-10 last year.

“Obviously, we’re another team with veteran players back,” McCarthy said shortly after Friday morning’replay’practice, the day after Thursday’s camp opener. rice field. “Just seeing them go through the rehab and being happy with the return, it will definitely have a big impact on our roster and a big impact on our team. That will have a big impact on us. That’s why we want a healthy and competitive training camp. Most of our success. “

The defeat of these players was a big part of last year’s failure to win the NFC East even with a mediocre 8-8 record, in addition to now starting left cornerback Anthony Browne in six games. ..

No one has made an excuse for 6-10 last season. But injuries are important. In particular, if you lose the start quarterback of 11 games, you have two more games and one-third of the immediate backup, and you have to start the other two games, each starting his first NFL career. To do.

The Cowboys then experience behind the scenes after two starting tackles (both Pro Bowl calibers) play in two games and an estimated backup swing tackle (Cam Erving) misses 10 games and part of 11. I will pay for not having it. In addition, all-pro guards will miss six games after the Cowboys decide that Martin needs to be sent off and tackled.

So on that aggressive line, no Cowboys missed. These people are high-paying, high-caliber people.

The best thing an offensive lineman can do is shout “Watch out” to the quarterback. Four people suffering from 44 sack and Ezekiel Elliott rush back their career. At the line of scrimmage.

The cowboy paid a lot.

So, hey, how welcome it was that all these guys, with the exception of Martin and Brown, finally had surgery and returned to the field to start the training camp. And for the three aggressive linemen and Jarwin, this was their first practice and they spent off-season rehab during team training.

“It’s special,” Duck pointed out on Friday to bring his men back with him. “When the group is crowded, I think the band came back together almost every time. It’s a blessing.

“I and Tyron talked about it as we approached our first team session (Thursday).’It’s been a while, right?’ LC, Tyron, Zack, Healthy Zack, Healthy Zeke, everything is healthy and I It’s great to be with the young guys who all come back there and become great players.

“And my excitement is through the roof.”

With Jarwin, all these guys on the attack line are ready to go, so there’s a good reason.

“They looked great,” McCarthy said of his top three linemen.

“Obviously, offensive line as a whole, I really like the look of offensive line … it was great to take those people out there.”

But the fact that these people are ready to go is not just proof of their hard work in all off-seasons. One day McCarthy, the next Duck, couldn’t fully talk about the work of Britt Brown, an associate athletic trainer for Cowboys, the team’s rehabilitation director. He spent so much time with these people, as if they had raised their third arm.

“Brit Brown did a great job with each of us. If I didn’t obviously thank him, I would be disappointed and I’m sure others would want to do it for him.” Said Duck. “Just push us every day. No one like that. It could have brought us back where we wanted.”

With Brown celebrating 25 seasons with the Cowboys, there is a long-standing opinion that players want to practice rather than rehabilitate from Brit’s injury. His success rate is staggering.

“Old school, special, gritty, he’s passionate about working with true passion, true love,” Duck explains. “I love the people he coaches and I feel it every day when I go out.”

In my view, straight shooters don’t chop up words and push men beyond their own set limits. And cruelly honest with these people. And at the end of June, I took a short break myself and stayed with them throughout the off-season.

So, the grand start of the training camp, and especially the return of the bandleader to the field, shows no obvious signs of suffering from ankle dislocations and complex fractures in the fifth game of the season. Almost every day, for almost two months before starting serious rehabilitation, there were no signs of layup and the start was finally allowed.

So, Duck, if he attends the OTA and mini camp stuff, are there any worries on Thursday for that first camp practice?

“Walking to the field, and before crossing the line, that’s what I did before the injury, so I’ve been there for the first time in a while, and obviously I’ve been in Oxnard for the first time in a while. Where am I? It was a special moment to think about all the hard work, all the support that came back there and allowed me to do what I liked again, “Duck said.

“No part of the practice thought about my ankle.”

No one else did.

It’s great to see everything.

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