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Milwaukee, Wisconsin 2021-05-24 12:13:02 –

Wisconsin Republican Senator Ron Johnson and Democratic Governor Tony Evers cut unemployment benefits and force unemployed people back to low-paying jobs, just as President Biden’s nationwide recovery has begun. Nothing was more predictable than all five Republicans in the state who demanded that. ..

This is a classic battle between the Republican Party and the Democratic Party, and in the 1930s Democratic President Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal policy lifted working Americans from the devastating 25% unemployment of the Great Depression. It has been going on since I started writing the program. Roosevelt was successful and became the most popular president in American history, winning four consecutive elections.

Many may not be aware of Wisconsin’s contribution to its historic economic recovery. Wisconsin created the first state unemployment insurance program in 1932 and was implemented nationwide as part of Roosevelt’s Social Security Act of 1935. Republicans have been attacking unemployment and social security since becoming socialist.

Disdain for the Republican working class

The conflict reflects a completely different attitude between the Republicans and Democrats towards the working class. Many wealthy Republicans despise Americans for working as fundamentally lazy people who prefer to live away from government rather than work. Democrats believe that working in high-paying jobs to support their families has always been a source of pride and dignity for American workers. But with a federal minimum wage of $ 7.25 per hour, which hasn’t been raised since 2009, it’s hard to find those jobs.

Republicans complained about “worker shortages” as employers complained that low-wage fast food and retail applications weren’t flooded when the economy began to resume under Biden. It claims that their sour view of humanity has been proven. Seriously, do Republicans really want to shorten Biden’s emergency stimulus program to restore the booming American economy, which was destroyed by his predecessor when the recovery was barely beginning?

That’s a trick question. Of course it is. Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell recently declared that the Republican Senate is 100% focused on blocking Biden’s agenda. “What we have in the US Senate is a complete unity from Susan Collins to Ted Cruz, in opposition to what the new Biden administration is trying to do in this country,” McConnell said.

Decent wages, benefits

Elected Republicans may want unemployed Americans to remain very miserable under Biden and oppose Democrats in the medium term. But that’s not what most Americans choose Biden in the biggest presidential vote in history. There is absolutely no shortage of workers. More than 8 million Americans who lost their jobs under the former president are still looking for a job. If the worker does not apply for a job in such a situation, the employer may have to rely on paying decent wages and allowances. That is how the economy works.

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Republicans have very different solutions. They want to force the unemployed back into the good old days of the early 1930s, when employees had to work for what employers wanted to pay them. They want to eliminate government interests that allow the unemployed to survive. This is a Republican version of these joke signs in the office cubicle. “Daily lashing continues until morale improves.”

Besides sloths and minimal benefits, there are many reasons why workers may not return to their former terrible low-paying jobs. The restaurant is slowly increasing its wages by about $ 1 an hour beyond pre-pandemic levels. But a rapidly expanding warehouse full of all these online products pays much more, on average $ 26 per hour. Many attractive career changes require advanced training that expands under Biden’s American Job Plan. Biden also has the right to expand the concept of infrastructure needed for the future economy. Improving childcare infrastructure is essential to enable many single mothers and two-income households to return to work. In April, when Biden’s economic recovery began, the number of women employed or looking for a job fell by 64,000.

New Support-Any-Crazy-Thing-Trump-Republicans say they are no longer remotely conservative. Historically, the only thing that the Republican Party has in common is that the party is dedicated to tax cuts for wealthy donors. It’s ironic because the tax increase for the wealthy is the most popular provision of Biden’s widespread employment plan among the party-attractive white working-class voters Trump. A recent study by the National Republican Parliamentary Commission found that when voters were told to be paid “by raising corporate taxes and raising taxes to the wealthiest families,” they supported Byden’s employment plans in the battlefield district. Increased by 6 points to 56%.

The reason why white working-class Trump supporters favor tax increases for wealthy people is cheerful. They lied to the defeated president overwhelmingly to his only legislative achievement: millions of dollars companies and wealthy individuals, including Trump and his family, 2 trillion in 2017. He stupidly believed he was on their side, even when they passed the dollar tax cut. No one has as low an opinion as Trump himself about the white working class who supported him.

Joel McNally

Joel McNally is a nationally award-winning newspaper columnist and longtime political commentator on Milwaukee’s radio and television. Since 1997, Joel has been writing a column for Shepherd Express and has been an editor for two years.

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May 24, 2021

11:13 am

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