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Editor’s Note: It’s a good idea to check the event’s social media channels and website for last-minute changes.

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Really shopping locally

November 11-14, 10 am-9pm

Your big excuse for spending a lot, called helping the local economy, is out this year. After all virtualized in 2020 Made in Hawaii’i Festival Packed from the Bryce Dell Center, we moved down the road to a new bargain on the top floor of the Ala Moana Center’s Ewa parking lot. Like everything else this year, the details when we went to print were still a bit fluid, but the plan included cooking demonstrations, live music, and food, apparel, and other local artisans and manufacturers. It included hundreds of vendors selling what they could make. Bring or do not bring a reusable tote bag, or 10 pieces. We guarantee that you can find some chic upgrades out there.

Ala Moana Center, madeinhawaiifestival.com


laugh out loud

Because we all need it.Whether it’s about lunch at his Filipino home or about exploring spam, we mostly think. Joe Koi Honorary Kamina. His “Funny is Funny” tour will take place three times at Blazedel Arena on the Thanksgiving weekend from November 26th to 28th.Just minutes away, actors, comedians, and Daily show Correspondent Ronny Chieng On November 27th, we will take over the stage of the Hawaii Theater for one night only. Expect the comics to blame racism, COVID-19 skeptics, and anyone who blames others for his characteristic taunting style of taunting.

blaisdellcenter.com, hawaiitheatre.com

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Meteor shower

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Search for shooting stars

November 16th overnight

This month Leonids meteor shower It won’t be the short top you got in 2001, but at least it won’t be cancelled. The moon is almost full and can cast shadows on many meteors, but it is far from the city lights and you may be able to find about 15-20 per hour. At the next big Leonids show, Comet Tempeltattle will mark the 2030 calendar as it approaches the Sun and its dust creates a more dramatic shower.

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Make a room in your garden. A free tree gift for the Arbor Day is scheduled for November 6th. arbordayhawaii.org

Hauoli Sandwich Haleiwa Sandwich Credit Thomas Obungen

Haleiwa sandwich.Photo: Thomas Obungen


National Sandwich Day

November 3rd

All official holidays between the two loaves come earlier this month. If you need an upgrade from that PB & J, a flying saucer (cheese sealed with a Sloppy Joe filling and crispy white bread), a giant focaccia stuffing, fruit and whipped cream between pillow slices, straight Try a great hoazy and more.

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Varno Lasco Half Marathon

5:30 am on November 7th

Whether it’s virtualized or runners hit the Waikiki pavement together, there’s a way to escape the last traces of Halloween candies (and to make a place for Thanksgiving feasts). A scenic 13-mile course usually takes athletes along Diamond Head to East Oahu.

For $ 65-75, the route starts at Kapiolani Park. 808racehawaii.com

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Give Big Hawaii

November 22-December 31

Online shopping that makes you feel better when you check out. In Honolulu, in its third year, it’s now easy to donate to over 100 local nonprofits on one site. Find your favorites and find others who are making our community better.



Joylac Club

November 26th-December 12th

Do you find your family’s drama challenging? The play, adapted from Amy Tan’s novel, intertwined with the history of four Chinese women and their tense relationship with their daughter, is now hysterically entertaining, with a pain in the intestines.

$ 22-40, Manoa Valley Theater, manoavalleytheatre.com

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